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Emergency Cooking Equipment for Sale

Looking to stock up on emergency cooking equipment in case a disaster strikes your home? SOS Products has a wide selection of cooking equipment that will come in handy during these times. From survival cook sets to portable butane stoves, we have everything you need to prepare a meal when the power is out.

We carry a variety of emergency cooking stoves. Each is safe for indoor and outdoor use. Choose from butane stoves or stoves that use cooking oil for heat. For most, the fuel is sold separately. Accessories for cooking include coffee pots, measuring cups, a three-way combination utensil, pans and more. This equipment also works great when you’re on a camping trip or at a tailgate. The stoves are small and easy to carry.

So whether you want to be prepared for an emergency or want to enjoy the great outdoors, SOS has the cooking supplies to meet your needs. Shop today and save!

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Measuring Cup
Our Price: $1.99
35034 34030 35032
Butane Fuel
Our Price: $2.88
3-Way Can Opener
Our Price: $2.99
54455 35036 35030
Fuel Tablets for Stove
Our Price: $3.99
Propane Canister
Our Price: $4.95
54437A 54445 54395
Cook Set - 5-Piece
Our Price: $7.50
Butane Fuel - 4-Pack
Our Price: $7.96
54437 35040 54455A
Folding Stove
Our Price: $8.97
Coffee Pot - 8 Cup
Our Price: $16.98
54435 350394 34044
Butane Stove
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $18.00
Coffee Pot - 20 Cup
Our Price: $23.98
Sale Price: $19.98
54451 54447 340441
4-Person Cook Set
Our Price: $39.98
54452 35048 350411
Stansport Dual-Fuel Stove
Our Price: $44.95
Fold Up Camp Kitchen
Our Price: $99.00
544515 54440 33306
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