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Emergency Rain Gear & Sandbags for Sale

It seems like many natural disasters involve some form of water. Whether it’s hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes or even tsunamis, you’re fighting against the most abundant resource on earth. When times like these occur, you want to protect yourself from the elements with high quality survival rain gear. Without it, you’d be soaked, with no way to keep yourself or your things dry.

Because we’re experts in survival supplies, SOS Survival Products carries a wide selection of rain and flooding gear. In our store, you’ll find yellow slicker raincoats, sandbags for flooding and industrial rain boots for sale. You can also purchase emergency rain ponchos for your entire disaster response team. Each of these items helps keep you dry no matter how much it rains. Shop around and find the rain protection items you want at the prices you expect. Contact us with any questions!

Rain Ponchos / Coats / Suits Rain Boots
Sand Bags
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Sand Bag - Each
Our Price: $0.50
Rain Poncho
Our Price: $1.00
Rain Poncho Children's
Our Price: $1.99
94990 11135 11135C
Vinyl Rain Poncho
Our Price: $3.98
Reversible Rain Poncho
Our Price: $9.95
11136 2504 11136A
11143 11143A 11143B
3-Piece Rainsuit - Large
Our Price: $13.95
3-Piece Rainsuit - Medium
Our Price: $13.95
11143C 11137 11138
3-Piece Rainsuit - Small
Our Price: $13.95
11139 11140 11143D
11141 11142 11145
11145A 11145B 11145C
11145D 11145E 11145F
11145G 11145H 11145J
Sand Bags - 100-Pack
Our Price: $38.00
Rain Ponchos - 50-Pack
Our Price: $40.00
94991 11135A