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Emergency Lanterns & Spotlights for Sale

When establishing a preparedness plan, it’s necessary to gather several emergency tools to help you get through any situation safely with minimum risk of injury; and no emergency kit is complete without two lighting products, lanterns and spotlights. While headlamps are reasonable for many situations, more powerful light sources, such as an emergency propane lantern, LED camping lantern or portable hand held spotlight will help larger numbers of people. Further, none require electricity to operate, so you’re able to carry out your emergency missions even in the darkness of night.

At SOS Survival Products, we stock a wide selection of lanterns, spotlights and emergency lighting accessories at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere. Whether you are looking for a hurricane lantern, a Streamlight spotlight or Coleman propane tanks, we’ve got you covered. Call us for further information during regular business hours or order online 24 hours per day.

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Lantern Wicks - 2-Pack
Our Price: $1.99
Propane Canister
Our Price: $4.95

Stansport. Tie-on style lantern mantles fit most standard propane lanterns. 2 per pack.

5/8" x 8" cotton wicks. For oil lamp burner. 16.4 oz. canister.
Focusing Lamp
Our Price: $8.50
Hurricane Lantern
Our Price: $8.95
Ultra pure oil. 99% pure paraffin. Smokeless and odorless. Color: clear. We also recommend: 54078 lantern. Dorcy. Adjusts from spotlight to floodlight. Kick stand for hands free use. Convenient handle. Light output: 46 lumens. Four D batteries not included. Stansport. Strong metal construction. Wire guarded glass globe. Uses kerosene or lamp oil. Adjustable wick.
LED Hurricane Lantern
Our Price: $8.95
This LED hurricane style lantern is a great alternative to standard kerosene lamps, and the LED bulbs have a 100,000 life.

• 15 Super Bright White LED Bulbs
• Dimmer Switch to Adjust Brightness
• Handle for easy carrying or hanging
• Uses 2 D Batteries (not included)
This LED Lantern style flashlight provides excellent spot illumination and makes a great addition to your office or home emergency kit.

Features heavy duty plastic construction and an innovative waterproof and floating design.

• Super bright 35 Lumen LED bulb has a 70' beam distance
• 50 hour runtime on a single 6 Volt battery
• Easy to operate push button switch.
• 6 Volt battery included
• Colors may vary: yellow, red, blue.
Ultra pure oil. 99% pure paraffin. Smokeless and odorless. Color: clear.

65 Lumen LED Lantern
Our Price: $24.95
Single Globe LED Lantern
Our Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $27.99
Dorcy 41-3103. Super bright 360-degree LED. High power white LED and amber LED provides a dual function LED area lantern and LED amber night light. Features a durable, side-mounted push button switch for ease of use, and a built-in hang hook within the handle for hands-free use. Waterproof. 150 hour run time. 3 D cell batteries not included. Stansport. On/off regulator control knob. Two silk mantles adjust to up to 600 candle power. Includes tip proof base which holds a 16.4 oz. propane cylinder. Propane not included. Dorcy 41-3102. Super bright LED. Durable, waterproof plastic housing. Offers 3 modes: high, low, and night light. Run time: up to 300 hours. Light output: up to 80 lumens. Four C batteries not included.
Hand Crank LED Lantern
Our Price: $34.99
Streamlight Siege Lantern
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $35.99
LED Twin Globe Lantern
Our Price: $46.99

Dorcy. Two modes: 6 LED high setting or 3 LED low setting. Light output: 45 Lumens. Run time: 2 minutes of cranking = 1 hour 50 minutes of charge. AC/DC charge time: 10-16 hours. 6 LED runtime: 3.5 hours. 3 LED runtime: 7 hours. AC/DC charging adapter included.

Streamlight #44931

The Streamlight Siege is the ideal lantern for emergency preparedness at home, in the car, or the office. It combines an extremely rugged and resilient polymer body with an unmatched brightness and runtime. It is also very lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it with you on your family’s planned escape route. This compact LED lantern can provide even light for up to 295 hours. Features four C4 LEDs with multiple lighting modes to provide optimal lighting and with extremely long run times.

High: 340 Lumens; 30 Hour Runtime
Medium: 175 Lumens; 70 Hour Runtime
Low: 33 Lumens; 295 Hour Runtime

RED LED High: 10 Lumens; 235 Hour Runtime
SOS mode for emergencies: 10 Lumens; 430 Hour
Super bright LEDs. Offers 3 modes: 1 globe, 2 globes, and night light. Run time: up to 350 hours. Light output: up to 160 lumens. 360-degree illuminating LED. Fully waterproof, submersible IPX-7. 4 D batteries not included.
Streamlight 44900. C4 LED illumination. Offers 3 modes: high, low, and strobe. Light output: up to 210 lumens. Runtime: (using alkaline batteries) 8.5 to 120 hours. High impact polycarbonate housing. DC power cord included. Four C batteries not included. Streamlight 44902. C4 LED illumination. Offers 3 modes: high, low, and strobe. Light output: up to 210 lumens. Runtime: (using alkaline batteries) 8.5 to 120 hours. High impact polycarbonate housing. DC power cord included. Four C batteries not included. The ultra bright Lighthouse 250 Lantern has 250 Lumens with three brightness levels and a hand crank charge option. It is also rechargeable through USB or Solar with the Nomad 7 Solar Panel (#55080).

Besides the benefits of a versatile and bright light source, this gives you the ability to recharge all your small USB devices right from the lantern. It includes an integrated USB cord to recharge your cell phone twice, camera, gps, Guide 10, or give a boost to a larger device like an iPad, all off one fully charged lantern. Keep plugged in, or charge up every 3-6 months.
Streamlight Portable Scene Light
Our Price: $799.00
Sale Price: $688.00
Streamlight #45760
The Streamlight Portable Scene Light is ideal for disaster response, power outages for large businesses, hospitals, law enforcement, and search & rescue operations. The extremely durable Streamlight Portable Scene Light is the superior solution to large scale emergency lighting needs.
The Portable Scene Light has 3 brightness levels and 2 adjustable beam widths. It is also light weight enough to easily carry to hard to reach locations where light is needed, and no generator is required. This amazingly bright area light can be rapidly deployed and features 2 stabilizing legs for balance on uneven terrain.