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If you’re stocking up on disaster supplies, important items to remember are Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). It’s essential to have food for yourself and your family in emergency situations. You may be stranded or left without power. Luckily, SOS Products has a large selection of Heater Meals at affordable prices. The MRE meals are self-heating, easy-to-store and have up to a five-year shelf life. They’re the perfect emergency preparedness food.

We carry meals made for 1 person or you could choose to purchase a Sure-Pak MRE, which has 12 meals per case. The Heater Meals food packs come with a variety of meals including chicken and noodles, vegetarian pasta Fagioli and green pepper steak and rice. Individual Heater Meals vary. Choose the one that’s right for you – Heater Meals or Sure-Pak MREs – and rest assured that’ll you have food in times of crisis.

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MRE Type Meal Packs - 12 per Case
Our Price: $72.99
Sale Price: $69.00
MRE Type Meal Packs with Heater - 12 per Case
Our Price: $82.99
Sale Price: $79.00
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