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When you’re at a temporary emergency worksite, you want adequate shelter to keep you and your team dry. The last thing you want is for your shelter to leak constantly or worse, to collapse from the rain. To prevent this, it’s vital to invest in a survival shelter tarp that will stand up against Mother Nature. For this reason, SOS Survival Products supplies you with some of the strongest tarps and tie downs on the market.

Our heavy duty tarps for sale come in blue or silver. Both are available in various sizes and are waterproof. The silver tarps provide excellent UV protection, which is great for sites exposed to lots of sun. When you purchase your canopy tarpaulin, don’t forget to buy the proper tie downs. We carry durable ball tie downs for tarps, and you can buy them individually or in a 25-pack.

Protect yourself from the elements. Get your heavy-duty tarp shelter today from SOS Survival Products.

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Ball Tie Down - Each
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Ball Tie Down - 25-pack
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