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First Aid Fact Book
Our Price: $1.50
First Aid Guide
Our Price: $3.50
37 page American Safety & Health Institute pocket reference guide for CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid. Meets ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009 standards. 64-page American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons guide for assessment and treatment of common injuries and emergencies. Uses pictures with easy to follow instructions. Easy to follow, 36-page book contains the do's and don'ts of preparedness - before, during, and after a disaster.
130-page book endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Covers CPR and ECC guidelines and up-to-date information on injuries and illnesses. Graphically illustrated. Provides step-by-step explanations and visual summaries of important skills. Meets 2005 CPR and ECC guidelines. Fits all 3" x 5" spiral notebooks. Rugged zipper closure with external slots for holding four writing utensils. Convenient 3" x 5" pet preparedness guide. Explains dog and cat care, pet first aid, and emergency information for before, during, and after a disaster. Waterproof.
NIMS Field Guide
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Sale Price: $22.00
Spiral bound. Perfect for personal preparedness kits. Provides clear, concise before, during, and after guidelines. Pocket-sized guide contains: disaster planning and preparation, home walkthroughs and checklists, citizen terrorism response, natural disaster response, critical first aid, after a disaster, natural resources, and more. 120 pages. Designed to help pet owners provide temporary urgent care to pets until they can reach a veterinary clinic. Based on lessons from veterinarians. Includes before, during, and after emergency care for pets, pet CPR and first aid treatment for pets, injury prevention, Heimlich for pets, pet emergencies, safety tips and more. 117 pages.

Provides instant access to critical key points of the National Incident Management System - NIMS - to help you make decisions fast. Also provides responsibilities and checklists for applying the Incident Command System - ICS. Color-coded tabs put NIMS compliance information at your fingertips. Tough, waterproof. Alcohol-fast. Can be used for NIMS and ICS training and on incident command responses.

Fire & Rescue Field Guide
Our Price: $23.95
Spiral bound. Basic and intermediate guide. Covers new cardiac algorithms, EMT basic and intermediate protocols, defibrillation/basic EKGs, anatomy/physiology, poison and overdoses, signs and symptoms, infectious diseases, pediatric emergencies, new prescription drugs, and more. 106 pages. Spiral bound. Includes patrol information and tactics, updated DUI detection and enforcement, EMS with new AHA cardiac guidelines, updated HazMat response, Spanish commands, updated incident guides, officer safety, active shooter response, drug impairment recognition, suspicious package response, and more. 136 pages. Widely used pocket reference for firefighters and command officers. Spiral bound. Includes firefighting tactics, incident command guide, Mayday/RIT/FF rescue, HazMat tactics, special rescue circumstances, structural triage, major incident, EMS/MVA/MCI/triage, ventilation, friction loss, and more. 98 pages.
Spiral bound. The original EMS Field Guide has grown into the most widely used reference guide in EMS history. Includes trauma, triage, MCI, new ACLS algorithms, 12-lead EKGs, acute MI, 80 emergency medications, pediatric resuscitation, notes/phone numbers, Spanish, metrics, labs, prescription drugs, and more. 176 pages. An essential tool for Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, First Responders, and EMS personnel. Spiral bound. Includes information about chemical and biological agent response, radiological response, explosives, first-in response, decontamination, and more. 104 pages. Spiral bound. Easy to use guide for checking ACLS drug doses, interpreting ECGs, and looking up patient medications. Includes acute coronary syndromes, and stroke management/neuro, pediatric resuscitation, and more. 172 pages.
RN Nurses Pocket Guide
Our Price: $26.95
Wilderness First Aid Book
Our Price: $33.98
Spiral bound. Includes cardiac/ACLS, respiratory/acid base, neuro/stroke management, assessment/basic and system, pediatric/obstetrics, medication/lab values/IVs, prescription drugs/abbreviations, and more. 186 pages. A user friendly, pocket-sized guide based on the latest Wilderness Medical Society and AMA guidelines. 120-page guide offers instant information for both patient and rescuer in remote or isolated areas. Covers general emergency procedures as well as specific symptoms and accidents. 369 page paperback book. A comprehensive guide for wilderness first aid and emergency care in remote location. Based on the latest Wilderness Medical Society and AMA guidelines. Covers emergency care for remote locations. Teaches how to handle common injuries and illnesses when medical care is more than an hour away. Contains updated information on first aid training, CPR, and emergency cardiovascular care ECC guidelines.
Earthquake Preparedness Book - 100/Case
Our Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $75.00

Easy to follow, 36-page book contains the do's and don'ts of preparedness - before, during, and after a disaster. Case of 100. CLEARANCE! Limited to stock on hand.