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EMS/EMT Supplies and Gear

Being a first responder means that you will need to be prepared, meaning you must have the right equipment. SOS Products features critical EMT supplies that you need to attend to victims in pre-hospital and emergency situations. For example, we have several types of trauma scissors, including the kit scissor, the Lister bandage scissor and trauma shears. We also have different types of syringes, tweezers and forceps to keep you effectively treating patients.

We also carry EMS gear including holsters that come with or without a clip set. Other EMS supplies that we carry include the EMS notebook, the Streamlight ProTac EMS flashlight and an EMS case that has 10 different compartments for your supplies. You have the option of locking this case, but it can also be safely sealed.

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Latex Tourniquet
Our Price: $0.79
Kit Scissor - 4"-5"
Our Price: $0.89
Metal Tweezer - 3 1/2"
Our Price: $1.20
46106 46130 46120
Bite Stick
Our Price: $1.29
Sterile Piston Syringe
Our Price: $1.50
Pen Light - Each
Our Price: $1.50
45780 42557B 54040
42556 46126 46121
21448E 46118 46140
EMT Scissor - 7 1/2"
Our Price: $3.95
EMS Notebook
Our Price: $3.95
54041 46150 121302
Pen Light - 6-Pack
Our Price: $7.50
Tick Remover
Our Price: $7.95
EMS Vertical Holster
Our Price: $10.99
54040A 42650 54114
EMS Horizontal Holster
Our Price: $14.99
EMS Holster with Clip
Our Price: $14.99
Ring Cutter
Our Price: $16.95
54110 54116 45610
54100L 54100M 54100S
Large EMT Tool Holster
Our Price: $16.99
Extra Large EMT Holster
Our Price: $18.95
54100XL 54112 54113
EMS Horizontal Holster Set
EMS Holster with Clip Set
Our Price: $29.98
Tactical EMT Case
Our Price: $32.00
54110K 54116K 54113A