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Our selection of safety alerts contains products for home and office. Our home safety alarms include smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alerts and combination alarms. For the office, we have all these plus the explosive gas detector.

Home and office fire alarms are a vital part of basic safety. Since 2003, a smoke alarm has been required in the vicinity outside of every bedroom in homes. As of 2014, all smoke alarms installed that are solely battery powered must contain a non-removable battery that’s been rated to last 10 years.

For more information about California safety alert requirements, check out SDInspect.com

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Smoke Alarm - 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Plug-in with Battery Smoke / Fire Alarm - 10 Year
Smoke Alarm - 10 Year
Our Price: $25.99
20905 20896 209052
Smoke & Fire Alarm - 10 Year Round First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm - 10 Year First Alert Low Profile 10-Year Combination Alarm
209055 20896CA 208991CA
Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - 10 Year Carbon Monoxide/Explosive Gas Detector
20899 208992
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