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Plastic Storage Totes, Crates & Boxes


Cardboard boxes aren’t reliable in disaster scenarios, as water can seep through and cause irreparable damage to the contents within. When preparing for disaster, you need to ensure that your supplies are safely stored in plastic crates and easy to access. To keep yourself organized, it’s important to possess an adequate number of plastic boxes for food, gear and miscellaneous emergency supplies.


At SOS Survival Products, we offer a variety of versatile containers that can be depended upon in an emergency. If storage volume is your main consideration, our 35-gallon container is the largest in our inventory and will hold almost any heavy item. For a lid with extra strength, check out our black footlocker with wheels. It features heavy-duty galvanized steel latches and a titanium handle. Shop at SOS Survival Products and get the best deals on storage plastic boxes, crates and totes today.

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Ammo Plastic Box .30 Cal OD GRN
Our Price: $9.95
Sale Price: $6.88
Tool Box 13"
Our Price: $9.95
953342 95329 95324
Storage Tote - 18 Gallon.
Our Price: $16.99
Tool Box 19" Polypro
Our Price: $18.95
95325 95327 953253
953257 953343 95464
Storage Tote - 35 Gallon
Our Price: $26.99
Footlocker with Wheels
Our Price: $49.98
95323 953254 953259
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