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Sanitation Survival Supplies

At SOS Survival Products, the seriousness of being prepared for emergencies and disasters is one of our chief concerns and is reflected in the sheer size of the inventory we stock to to respond to emergency needs. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the number of items found in our sanitation/hygiene category. Our wholesale survival supplies extend from small necessities like toothpaste and toilet paper to appliances like portable showers, toilets and a wash 'n' go sink.

Survival sanitation items are an important consideration when accumulating your emergency preparedness supplies, whether these are critical items like sanitary wipes and biohazard waste bags or convenience items like razors, shave cream and a camping mirror. We carry everything you'll need to keep personal areas clean and sanitary under any conditions.

Infection Control Toilets
Toilet Accessories Basins, Sinks & Showers

Emergency Sanitation Supplies: Basins, Sinks & Showers

In the event of a disaster, most people don’t think about the comforts of cleanliness. This can prove to be a deadly mistake, as lack of proper hygiene can promote the spread of infection and illness while waiting for emergency responders.

Our portable camping sinks and camping wash basins make it easy to maintain your regular hygiene regimen when disasters strike. We have options in all price ranges that make it easy to stay prepared for an emergency no matter what your budget. Our survival outdoor sinks range in functionality from being collapsible to fully outfitted.

For full body hygiene, our outdoor camping shower. Heated by solar power, these showers are equipped to accommodate 3-4 uses. Outdoor solar showers are perfect for situations where plumbing or the water supply is compromised and will ensure you stay squeaky clean no matter what.

At SOS Products, we guarantee to bring you products with the best value at the best prices. We are committed to keeping prices low and saving you money. With deals like these, why wait to improve your readiness for an emergency situation? Shop now!

Toiletries & Hygiene

Outdoor Hygiene Gear

When preparing for the elements, whether you’ll be hiking, camping or climbing, the last thing on your mind is probably camping toiletries. However, they’re a very important part of the process and can save you a lot of discomfort. Finding one convenient place that sells everything you need can be tough, but at SOS Survival Products you’ll have just that, plus great prices.

We sell all of the camping bathroom supplies that you could ever think of, ranging from toothbrushes to disposable razors to sanitary napkins. If you’re unsure of what to pack, our selection will offer you countless options that will get you on the right track.

In addition to providing comfort when camping, these supplies are also great for preparing for an emergency. If you ever find yourself stranded or confined to an area, these supplies can help you get through the ordeal and ensure your safety. Shop with us today and stock up on the best camping toiletries.

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