Fuel Stabilizer and Cleanser

Fuel Stabilizer and Cleanser

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Fuel-Injector Cleaner & Gasoline Treatment

In the event of an emergency, having fuel on hand could be vital. Setting enough fuel to power your car or a generator aside will ensure you're not trapped or without power if access to gas stations has been blocked or fuel pumps become inoperable.

Sta-bil fuel cleaner treats gasoline to prevent buildup to keep your stores fresh for up to 12 months. This product is also an effective carburetor cleaner, and will prevent engine deposit buildup.

Sta-bil will ensure your car or generator start up when you need these the most. This product is designed to work with all types of gasolines and gasoline blends. One ounce will treat 2.5 gallons of gas.

8 oz. bottle. Cleans carburetors and fuel injectors in one tank. Prevents future deposit buildup.

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