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Long-Lasting Emergency Food Supplies

As you're preparing for an emergency situation, a crucial component will of course be your food. Canned food items are bulky and rarely have a shelf life of more than 5 years, and fresh food isn't an option for long-term survival. These Mountain House food supply packages are the perfect solution when space is limited and shelf-life needs to be taken into account. These emergency food packs are designed to feed large groups of people over a short period of time and will provide for one person for up to an entire year. Freeze drying ensures you end up with long-lasting emergency foods that are easy to store and have a shelf life of up to 25 years. Because Mountain House understands that you’d rather not sacrifice the taste and comfort of home cooked meals, these bulk emergency food supplies contain items such as scrambled eggs with ham, spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken stew and even dessert. Be prepared and ensure that you and your family have the meals you want and deserve if the time comes.

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