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Drinking Water Foil Pouch - 64 Per Case

Drinking Water Foil Pouch - 64 Per Case

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Datrex Foil Water Pouches

In an emergency situation, consumable water becomes invaluable. Keep water sachets for emergencies at hand in the car, at home, in your camping gear or elsewhere.
At 4.227 oz. per pouch, these emergency water packets contain enough water for quick and easy consumption while minimizing water wastage. There are 2.11 gallons per case. Five-year shelf life. U.S. Coast Guard-approved.

Water supports every function in your body. Thirst arises when an imbalance of salts and other fluids has already occurred. Once this imbalance takes place, proper rehydration becomes increasingly more difficult. To avoid dehydration, don't save your water; drink it.

How much water you should drink will depend on a variety of factors; however, on average, an adult person will require roughly 3 liters to maintain proper cell function.

Tips for staying hydrated:

  • If you are lost, do not spend your energy searching for help.
  • If you must move due to potential hazards such as lack of fresh water or exposure to elements, move only during cooler times of the day, and leave a note regarding your possible whereabouts.
  • Treat all natural sources of water as potentially harmful, and use a filter such as this one designed to remove harmful bacteria such as salmonella, cholera, E. coli and Giardia.

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