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An important consideration in putting together any emergency preparation kit is the inclusion of items for emergency communication. The Fox 40 whistle, a basic warning device that emits a 112-decibel alert tone audible up to ΒΌ mile, is the preferred choice of military and police units and just one of the many survival air horn and whistle options on offer. You'll also find a full selection of emergency radio units in this section, including a hand crank radio that requires no batteries or electricity, a pocket weather radio, AM/FM pocket radios and several options for two-way radios.

Check out the selection of megaphones and the mouth-operated emergency survival horn. Also look for the different radio holders/holsters available and the unique hand-crank charging unit that's a combination siren, flashlight, radio and cell-phone charger!

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Whistle - Plastic
Our Price: $0.79
Whistle - Metal
Our Price: $1.25
Sale Price: $0.95
Rescue Whistle
Our Price: $0.99
22415 22410 22416
5-in-1 Survival Whistle
Our Price: $2.99
Plastic Safety Whistle
Our Price: $4.50
Sale Price: $3.88
22405 22413 CERT61
Emergency Survival Horn
Our Price: $3.99
4-in-1 Whistle
Our Price: $4.99
AM/FM Pocket Radio
Our Price: $8.95
22414 22412A 54148
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