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An important consideration in putting together any emergency preparation kit is the inclusion of items for emergency communication. The Fox 40 whistle, a basic warning device that emits a 112-decibel alert tone audible up to ¼ mile, is the preferred choice of military and police units and just one of the many survival air horn and whistle options on offer. You'll also find a full selection of emergency radio units in this section, including a hand crank radio that requires no batteries or electricity, a pocket weather radio, AM/FM pocket radios and several options for two-way radios.

Check out the selection of megaphones and the mouth-operated emergency survival horn. Also look for the different radio holders/holsters available and the unique hand-crank charging unit that's a combination siren, flashlight, radio and cell-phone charger!

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Whistle - Plastic
Our Price: $0.79
Whistle - Metal
Our Price: $0.95
Rescue Whistle
Our Price: $1.99
Plastic whistle with rope lanyard. Metal whistle with rope lanyard. Extremely loud 2-tone whistle. Pealess. Clip on.
5-in-1 Survival Whistle
Our Price: $2.99
Emergency Survival Horn
Our Price: $3.99
4-in-1 Whistle
Our Price: $4.99
Signal whistle includes waterproof matchbox, compass, fire starter flint, signal mirror, and rope lanyard. Delivers a very loud sound -- up to 120 decibels -- with the simplicity of a mouth horn. SOS is printed on the body. Includes break-away lanyard. Features a stone and twig guard to protect the rubber membrane. Membrane can easily be replaced with any thin, flexible item. Durable, polypropylene construction floats. Bright orange color is easily seen. Whistle, thermometer, magnifier, and compass. Keychain clip for versatile attachment options.
Plastic Safety Whistle
Our Price: $5.99
AM/FM Pocket Radio
Our Price: $8.95
Signal Horn
Our Price: $10.98
Emits a 112 decibel blast. Can be heard up to 1/4 mile away. Pealess whistle. Not affected by water or weather. With rope lanyard. Ultra slim emergency AM/FM radio. Built-in speaker and headphone jack. Uses two AA batteries (not included). Delivers a shrill, piercing blast. 1.4 oz. canister.
Air Horn Refill - 8 oz.
Our Price: $16.98
8 oz. refill for air horn. This corded Land-Line telephone is perfect for use during a power outage or when cell phone towers are down or overloaded after a disaster. This phone receives all necessary power from the telephone jack instead of plugging into the wall outlet. Back-up communication options are essential for staying in contact with loved ones following a disaster when other modes of communication are unavailable. Raine 52RAC7. Durable polypro web holder is adjustable to fit most FRS radios. Unaffected by water, oil, or mildew. Strong spring metal clip. 5 1/4" H x 2 1/2" W x 1 1/4" D. Minimum height 2 1/2". Radio not included.
Air Horn - 8 oz.
Our Price: $20.98
High quality safety-sport air horn. Good for over 80 blasts. Fanon KF-310. 14 channel. 2 mile range with 500 milliwatt output. Palm sized. 38 sub-channels for each 14 channels. 4 AAA batteries not included. We also recommend: 54127C adjustable FRS radio holder. Just wind to charge. 3 LED lights. AM/FM radio. Siren. Universal female DC charging adaptor included. Will not charge smart phones.
GMRS 22 Channel Radios
Our Price: $27.99
Pocket Weather Radio
Our Price: $29.95
Raine 52RCH. Fully adjustable harness for proper fit and comfort. Adjustable radio mounting right or left. Fits most radios. Unaffected by water, oil, or mildew. Durable polypro with tough zipper. Radio not included. Midland. 2 radios. 22 channels. Channel scan. Up to 18 mile range in open areas. Water resistant. FCC license required for GMRS frequencies. 3 AAA batteries not included. Midland HH50. Broadcasts all NOAA hazards alert weather for around-the-clock weather information. Automatic alert system turns on in the event of dangerous weather or civil emergencies. Test button confirms alert function. Weather resistant. 6-inch telescoping antenna provides crystal clear reception. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Mini Megaphone
Our Price: $39.95
Weather Band Radio
Our Price: $39.98
AM/FM weatherband radio, siren, thermometer, and LED flashlight. 4 power systems: solar, hand crank, DC power jack, and battery operation. Two D batteries and DC power charger not included. Volume control trigger. 200 yard range. Compact size. Four C batteries not included. Midland WR-120B. Compact alert monitor receives 7 NOAA channels. SAME alert programming with 25-county memory sounds an alert when specific counties are threatened. 90 dB siren, voice alert, and flashing LED warning. Uses three AA alkaline batteries for back-up during a power outage. Built-in clock with alarm and snooze. Batteries not included.
Emergency All Hazards Radio/Flashlight
Our Price: $56.99
Sale Price: $45.00
GMRS 36 Channel Radios
Our Price: $59.95
CLEARANCE! Limited to stock on hand. Midland. AM/FM / weather radio, flashlight, clock, alarm, and USB cell phone charger. 2 watt output for USB. Digital readout with 7 NOAA weather channels, thermometer, and weather alert. Powered by hand crank, AC adaptor or battery operated. Three AA batteries not included. Midland. 2 radios. 36 channels. 121 privacy codes. Up to 26 mile range in open areas. All hazard/weather alert radio. 5 call alerts. Vibrate alert. Auto squelch. Water resistant. FCC license required for GMRS frequencies. Rechargeable batteries and charging unit included.
Midland #ER200
This compact emergency radio is ideal for emergency preparedness and with multiple sustainable ways to keep it charged, you’ll always have access to important up to date news and information after a disaster.
Megaphone - 200 Yard
Our Price: $65.97
Megaphone - 300 Yard
Our Price: $86.97
Sale Price: $75.00
Fanon MP-3 professional quality megaphone. 3 watt with volume control, pistol grip talk switch, and carrying strap. Weatherproof. Six AA batteries not included. AM/FM NOAA weather alert, 130 Lumen flashlight with low/high settings and SOS beacon, clock, ultrasonic dog whistle, and USB cell phone charger. Powered by hand crank, solar panel, rechargeable lithium battery, or six AA batteries. 6 AA batteries not included. Fanon MP-5 professional quality megaphone. 10 watt "Dynamic Megaphone" with volume control, pistol grip talk switch, and carrying strap. Weatherproof. Eight AA batteries not included.
GMRS 42 Channel Radios
Our Price: $89.95
Base Camp Two-Way Radio
Our Price: $98.00
Megaphone - 600 Yard
Our Price: $126.97
Midland. 2 radios. 50 channels. 284 privacy codes. Up to 36 mile range in open areas. All hazard/weather alert radio. 10 call alerts. Vibrate alert. Auto squelch. SOS siren. Waterproof. Includes mic and headphones. FCC license required for GMRS frequencies. Rechargeable batteries and charging unit included. 22 channels. 121 privacy codes with 3144 channel options. NOAA Weather Alert Radio automatically alerts for severe weather/hazard information. 5 call alerts with different call tones. eVOX with 3 sensitivity levels and easy voice activation. Channel scan automatically checks channels for activity. Dual watch lets you monitor two channels. Auto squelch removes background noise. Keypad locks in your selected settings. Hi/Lo power settings to conserve battery life. Roger beep indicates call completion. Silent Operation turns off all tones for quiet operation. Bright backlit LCD display. Keystroke tones. AM/FM radio. Alarm clock with snooze. Flashlight. USB connector for recharging cell phone. Mic and headphone jacks. Battery life extender. 5 power options: uses 4 AA batteries - not included, rechargeable battery pack, dynamo crank, and AC or DC adaptor. Fanon MV-10S professional quality megaphone. 16 watt "Dynamic Megaphone" with volume control, pistol grip talk switch, and carrying strap. Built-in signal horn/fog horn. Weatherproof. Six C cell batteries not included.