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School Emergency Kits

911 1 day 1 person 1 week. 2 days 2 way radio 2 way radios 3 days 4 person 5 days 5 year. 5 years 6th grade academy. Accessible accident accidents happen account details active shooter. Active shooter emergency kit active shooter event add to cart added. Additional adhesive after care center aftercare center. Alert all school classrooms allergic allergies allergy america american.

School First Aid Kits For The Classroom

Antibiotic antibiotics antiseptic antiseptics army green assortment athletic tape. Athletics first aid kit auditorium authority back pack backpack backpacks bag. Bags bandage bandages bandaid bandaids bars basic. Basic survival kit batteries battery power battery powered be prepared. Best emergency kits best rated best-rated bin blanket blankets bleed. Bleed control kits bleeding bleeding control kit bleeding control kits blood boy. Boys boy's brand broken bruise bruises bucket. Building bulk bullet bullets.

Where To Buy A First Aid Kit & Emergency Supplies For School Classrooms

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Best School Emergency Kit For Lockdown Situations

Classroom lock down kit classroom lock down kits classroom lockdown classroom lockdown emergency kit classroom lockdown emergency kits classroom lockdown kit. Classroom lockdown kit for teachers classroom lockdown kits classroom preparedness. Classrooms classroom's clean coach coaches coaching coach's. Cold pack collection college college college's colorado comfort. Command communication compact compare complete survival kit for classrooms computer. Confusion contain containers contains contents contingency control. Control kit control kits cooling pad cost costs coupon code cover.

Buy Teacher / Classroom Emergency Survival Kit

Cpr cream create privacy food crisis crisis first aid kit crisis kit crisis kit . Crisis survival kit crucial curaplex curative curriculum. Custom customer cut cuts. Damage damages damaging. Daughter day day care. Day care center day emergency kit daycare daycare center days delux deluxe. Department descending destruction.

School Emergency Supplies and Disaster Survival Kit Suggestions

Details disaster disaster preparedness kit disaster strikes disaster survival kit disinfectant disposable. Don't forget door dried food drinkable drinking water duct tape. Dust masks each classroom each classroom's earthquake earthquake preparedness. Earthquakes easier breathing easy. Easy storage easy to store edible educate.

Classroom Emergency Backpack Kit School Safety

Education educator elastic elastic bandage. Elementary school elementary schools elementary school's emergencies emergency emergency emergency assistance. Emergency bag emergency container emergency drinking water emergency food emergency food supply emergency instructions. Emergency kit emergency kit emergency kit in box emergency kits. Emergency kits emergency medical kit emergency phone emergency preparedness emergency preparedness supplies.

Classroom Emergency Lockdown And Earthquake Survival Kit

Emergency preparedness supplies for classroom emergency rations emergency rescue kit emergency sanitation supplies emergency situation emergency situations. Emergency situations emergency supplies emergency supply kit emergency survival kit emergency survival kit emergency survival kits. Emergency thermal blanket emergency thermal blankets emergency treatment emergency triage kit emergency triage kits. Emergency water emergencykits endure equip equipment equipped.

Best Emergency Earthquake Kit For School Use

Essential essential emergency supplies essentials. Etc. evacuate evacuation every school classroom. Every school classroom's everything you need extra extreme extreme weather faculty faculty member. Failure family fannypack first aid kit fema. Field field trip field trips field-trip field-trips. Filter filter the air fire extinguisher fire extinguishers fire safety first first aid . First aid essentials first aid guide first aid instructions. First aid kit first aid kit supplies first aid kits first aid kits first aid supplies first-aid essentials firstaid kit. Firstaid kits first-aid supplies flare flash light flashlight flashlights flood.

School Lockdown Emergency Kits For School Disaster & Lockdown Situation

Fluid food food bar food bars food supply for classroom free shipping. Gallon bucket gallon per person garbage bags gauze. Gear get there get through girl girls. Girl's gloves government grade grid group. Guardian gun guns gunshot. Gym gymnasium hall halls hallway. Hallways handy happening. Harm hazard heal healing heals health healthy. Heat pack heating pad help high high school high schools.

What Is In A Classroom Lockdown Kit?

High school's home homeroom hurricane hurricanes hurt hygiene. Ifak igla imminent danger important in charge in stock incident. Incident command incidents include includes including. Information infragard injuries. Injury institute instructional. Instructor instruments items kid kids kid's kindergarten. Kit checklist kit emergency kits laceration. Lacerations lanterns latex gloves leader learn. Lecture room led life-assist lifesecure.

What Goes In A School Earthquake Kit?

Lifeshield light light stick. Lighting list lock out. Lockdown lockdown emergency lockdown emergency kit lockdown emergency kits lockdown kit lockdown kits. Lockdown situation lockout lock-out. Locks long lasting long term long-lasting.

School First Aid & Active Shooter Emergency Kits

Long-term lunchbox lunchbox survival kit make a plan make it make plans. Mask masks mass mass casualty material materials mayday. Mci response products meal meals medic medical. Medical kit medicating medication. Medications medicinal medicine mental middle school.

Active Shooter Kits | Emergency Medical Products

Middle schools middle school's minor moleskin mom & dad mom and dad. Moms & dads moms and dads msrp my account. Natural disaster kit natural disasters necessity needed needs. Newest noaa weather radio non perishable non-perishable notification system. Nourishment nutrition office office emergency official. Ointment on sale one-person order orders over outdoor overview.

School Emergency Kits - Bleeding Control Kits

Pack packs packs . Pad padding pads page panic panicking. Paper parents peace of mind pen perfect person. Personal personal hygiene plan for plastic plastic sheeting plastic sheets playground. Playgrounds portable potable water pouch pouches precaution precautions.

Top Rated School First Aid Kits / Active Shooter / Natural Disaster Survival Kits

Prep prepackaged pre-packaged preparation. Prepare preparedness preschool pre-school preschoolers preventative preventive. Price prices pricing privacy tarp procedure procedures product. Products program proper supplies. Protective providing provision provisions pry bar.

Where To Get School Classroom Trauma Kits

Pry tool pull through pupil pupils purchase purification. Purified water quick radio radios ration. Rations ready red cross relief remain remote. Replacement refill replenishment request rescue kits rescue supplies respond responder. Responders responds ride out safe safer safest safety. Safety goggles safety vest sale sales sanitary sanitation. Save school administration school emergency school emergency . School emergency kit school emergency kit school emergency kits school emergency kits school emergency supplies.

What Should You Have in Your Tornado Emergency Kit?

School hours school lockdown school medical kit school medical kits school nurse. School room school safety school shooter school shooting. School staff school supplies school survival kit school survival kit school survival kits. Schoolchild schoolhouse schooling schoolkid schools. Schools school's school's emergency kits school's staff schoolteacher. Scrape scrapes search & rescue search and rescue. Secondary school secondary schools secondary school's security serious serving.

25 Student Emergency Kits For School Emergencies

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Prepare Your Classroom Emergency Kit

Station stealth angel survival sterile. Sterilize sterilized stock stop the bleed stop the bleeding stops storage. Store stores storm storms. Strain strap stress student student emergency kit student emergency kits student kit. Student kits student survival students. Student's students safe student's survival students survive study stuff. Supplies supply supply warmth support survival survival survival backpack. Survival kit survival kit survival kit in box survival kits survival supplies. Survival tips survive sustain sustains sustenance tablets tacmed.

25 Student School Lockdown Kits For Emergency Preparedness

Tape tarp tarps. Teacher teacher emergency kit teacher emergency kits teacher kit. Teacher kits teacher survival teachers teacher's aid teaching. Teen teenage teenager teenagers teenager's teens teen's. Tent tents theater. Thermal blanket things tissue pack tissues to cart. To meet to stop toddler toilet paper tool tools.

School Classroom Emergency Kits - Lockdown Kits - Earthquake Kits - Tornado Kits - Hurricane Kits - Active Shooter Kits

Top tornado tornados totes tourniquet towelettes. Track tragedy training. Trauma trauma kit trauma kits trauma pad. Trauma supplies trauma survival kit trauma survival kits united states units. Universities university urgent usa utensils vests vinyl gloves. Waste water water box with straw water boxes with straws.

Classroom First Aid Kit Packs For Sale

Water pouch water pouches weather week weeks. Wet wipes whistle whole will stop window. Windows windows cover wipes. Withstand wound wounds year. Year shelf life you and your class you and your students. Young youngster youngsters youth.

Save On Emergency Preparedness With These Complete Emergency Kits For Schools & Educators

Exigency critical crucial state of emergency preparedness supplies readiness emergency-response on-hand on hand handy. Battle box survival kit go bag battery powered hide hiding room rooms. Water items section supplies food list set guide. Winter beacon difference rule rules bug-out bag. Survival kit, survival kit list single item different pieces multi-tool multitool multi tool pliers scissors.

How Much Does An Emergency Survival Kit Cost Per Student?

Medical medicine emergency contact essential personal waterproof energy emergency essentials. Federal fire safety measures n-95 mask dust mask, compare school control aid aide aids items schools person. Trauma station remain staff personnel healthy health stock wound wounds save life care nurse doctor products day. Gunshot wound injury aid station bucket kit bucket kits.

Don't Get Caught Un-Prepared: Buy Emergency Survival Kits and Equipment Today!

Bleeding news FEMA shame warehouse towelettes towels compress checkout inventory earthquake drill earthquake drills department of homeland security police first responders first-responders fireman firemen. Evacuate evacuation evacuating individual situation situations advise shelter. Hunker down bunker medical attention?

What Should Be Included In An Emergency Kit For School Classroom?

Urgent care egress escape area threat hazard lives life end storm fire flood wildfire wildfires bushfire bushfires disability chair. Chairs ambulance alarm alert alerting alerts alarms alarming emergency planning early warning early warning signal warning sign? Warning signs facility facilities bathroom supplies building safe place reaction time decision floor stairs evacuation drill route.

How Much Does A Survival Pack Cost?

All day sleep sleeping eat eating drink drinking need needs inhabit duration process settle remain calm sanitation hygiene? Recovery recover minor preserve condition worsening getting worse professional medical help cpr cut. Cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Generic Survival Kits For Sale Near Me

Guidance circumstance circumstances public school private school lunchroom community. Case price cost care caring coach coaches school nurses school nurses school nurse's material materials wrap sport sports field price treat treats treatment treatments first aid kit first aid kits first-aid kit first-aid kits cold pack cold packs. Extreme sports coupon code little league sports injury sports injuries sterile gauze may people. Ice pack ice packs athletic tape athletic taples athlete athlete's athletes athletics athletic.

Custom Emergency Kits For Sale Near Me

Antiseptic spray anti-septic sprays creams ointments cream ointment pain relief pain reliever pain relievers. Sports bag, school bus sprain sprains sprained ankle ankles hand hands flexibility strain stretch days. FEMA compliant FEMA-compliant cooking cook crush resistant control details discount discounts emergencykits.

The Best Emergency Preparedness Supplies For Schools & Educators

Family safe flashlights fellow follow help large live die hurt hurting scared fear radio quantity bulk provide provides shelf goes bad go bad stored. Being prepared large selection meet Homestead deluxe evacuation emergency kit Rescue Pack RescuePack request a quote.

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Be prepared for any emergency at school with the one-day student emergency kit from SOS Products. Includes a food bar, water pouches & more! 1 Day Student Emergency Kit

  • Item # 633
  • 1 Child for 1 Day
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, Light Stick and Wipes

Our Price: $6.00
Sale Price: $5.00
Purchase this 3 day survival kit that is filled with essentials like food bars and water pouches for your students. Student Emergency Kit in Plastic Bag

  • Item # 630
  • 1 Person for 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, Light Stick and Wipes

Our Price: $11.50
Sale Price: $9.98
Emergency Survival Kit BOXED filled with all the supplies you'll need for an emergency. Basic Emergency Survival Kit in Box

  • Item # 108A
  • 1 Person 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket

Our Price: $11.50
Sale Price: $10.50
Emergency Survival Kit BOXED is filled with all the supplies you'll need to be prepared in the case of an emergency. Emergency Survival Kit in Box w/ First Aid

  • Item # 108
  • 1 Person 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, First Aid

Our Price: $13.50
Sale Price: $12.00
This student emergency kit is one of a kind and highly recommended to cover your most basic needs in the event of an emergency. Student Emergency Kit in Box

  • Item # 630B
  • 1 Person for 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, Light Stick and Wipes

Our Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $12.00
Classroom / Teacher Emergency REFILL Kit Classroom / Teacher Emergency REFILL Kit

  • Item # 6401-R
  • Refill for Kit #6401
  • Contains: Water, Towelettes, Cold Pack, Pen, Light Sticks and Batteries

Our Price: $14.99
This fannypack is great for when you're on the go or when going camping. This kit contains the necessary items for a first aid kit. Campus Fannypack First Aid Kit

  • Item # 90188
  • Perfect playgrounds, field trips, classrooms etc.
  • Contains first aid essentials for school staff

Our Price: $21.00
Sale Price: $18.50
Purchase this sports first aid kit that is designed for all sports activities. Sports First Aid Kit

  • Item # 90299
  • Great for recreational sports teams
  • Contains: Elastic Bandage, Athletic Tape, Trauma Pad, Moleskin, First Aid Guide and more

Our Price: $21.95
Get this fanny pack first aid kit that contains quick access to the supplies. This fanny pack is perfect for  school teachers. Field Trip Fannypack First Aid Kit

  • Item # 90185
  • Perfect for teachers, playgrounds, field trips, classrooms etc

Our Price: $29.99
Having this emergency kit for schools will help your teachers and students remain calm during very traumatic situations. In the end, it’s an item no school should be without. Get yours today. Classroom Lockdown Kit

  • Item # 6401L
  • Perfect for every school classroom
  • Contains: Toilet, Toilet Paper, Waste Bags, Privacy Tarp, Wet Wipes and more

Our Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $31.98
Having this emergency kit for schools will help your teachers and students remain calm during very traumatic situations. In the end, it’s an item no school should be without. Get yours today. Classroom / Teacher Emergency Kit

  • Item # 6401
  • Perfect for every school classroom
  • Contains: Water, First Aid, Lighting, Work Gloves, Safety Vest, Pry Bar and more

Our Price: $58.95
Sale Price: $42.98

School Emergency Kits

Why Need a School Emergency Kit? You can face a classroom emergency anytime. We can divide school emergency situations into two categories.

Regular School Emergency

Let's say you've got this surprise test or program that needs some art and crafts kits. Maybe you've just hurt your legs badly, and there's no nurse. How about a day when you're hungry but don't have food and emergency water?

Situations like these, even though they are not violent or catastrophic, call for emergency essentials. This is when you need some extra items.

Classroom Lockdown for Violence or Natural disasters

Any day the school might face a threat of imminent danger or violence. There were lots of active shooters or outside intruder scenarios in the past, right?

Don't forget Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and floods, or even extreme storms. If you have an aid kit that includes emergency supplies, chances are, you'll be safe.

Regular School Emergency

Whether it's a sudden school project, a medical issue, or you need some spare things anyway, you can face your challenges like a pro if you've got some regular emergency preparedness supplies.

Extra School Supplies

For emergency school supplies, you might want to consider having the following items with you.

  • A spare pencil, a sharpener, pencil lead
  • A compact stapler with extra staples
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Flash-drive
  • Post-it notes
  • A copy of your schedule

Basic First-Aid Items

A school always has a nurse. However, if you're not lucky, or let's say you just got a small bruise or cut and you don't want anyone to help you, you can find first aid kits pretty handy.

  • Band-Aids
  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen
  • Antacid Tablets
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Pads or Tampons (In case you're a girl)

Don't Forget Hygiene Supplies

Got yourself a bit messy somehow? Few touch-ups and Voila! You'll be good as new, clean as ever. You don't need large amounts of supplies, No. Just have some basic essentials like:

  • Sanitizers
  • Deodorant
  • Gums or breath mints
  • Perfume, body spray, cologne
  • Chapstick
  • Toothbrush and some toothpicks

Emergency Water, Emergency Food and Snacks

When you're hungry, you're hungry; that's it. At least that's what movies like 127 hours and Into the Wild teach you.

Be wise. Have some dry food and snacks prepared and keep them with you as emergency assistance. You can keep foods like

  • Food bars
  • Cakes
  • Proper supplies of water
  • Chocolate
  • Dried Fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Cake slices

Miscellaneous Items

Always keep body doubles of the important items you forget to bring. These things can be

  • Extra batteries for your phone
  • Spare phone charger
  • Bobby pins and hair ties (for girls)
  • Extra socks
  • Some extra cash and change

Violent and Catastrophic Emergency Situation

Now, let's say it's not your regular classroom emergency. Rather, some thugs trying to take your whole school hostage or maybe some storm or catastrophic disaster hit you in school hours. This time, you willneed some specific requirements in your lockdown kits.

Personal Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Wet Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toilet bags with added chemicals
  • Duct tape, just in case you want to create privacy

Food and Water

  • Emergency Water bottle (at least 1 liter)
  • Nutrition bars
  • Water purification tablets

Light and Communication

  • Emergency light signal
  • Survival whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Radio

First Aid

  • Bleeding control kit
  • Medical tape
  • Trauma and gauze pads
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Latex-free gloves
  • Cotton swabs

Phone Numbers (In Notebook)

  • The numbers of your parents (especially work numbers)
  • Number of your doctor
  • Number of your neighbor who can inform your parents about you
  • Numbers of your closest teachers

Wrapping Up!

That was pretty much everything on school emergency kits. Keep one thing in mind, though —you can make two types of kits for two different emergency situations. Make sure you know which one to use when.