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Gas & Water Shut-Off Tools

You’re home has been severely damaged by an earthquake or hurricane. You’ve lost power, things are everywhere, and pipes appear to be broken. During this time, important tools to have at your disposal are a gas shut-off wrench and a water shut-off key. These stop any gas or water from leaking and prevent worse disasters from occurring.

Priced at under $25 for each, SOS Survival Products sells these emergency shut-off tools and more so that you’re prepared when disaster strikes. Our wrenches and keys fit most standard gas and water meters and are guaranteed to last. In addition, the tools are made from strong metal construction. Purchase the emergency tool today that’s right for your needs and know that you’ll be able to combat many obstacles that come your way during a disaster.

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Gas Shut-Off Wrench Gas Shut-Off Wrench - Heavy Duty 4-in-1 Emergency Tool
Gas Shut-Off Wrench
Our Price: $5.79
Sale Price: $5.00
4-in-1 Emergency Tool
Our Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $12.95
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Gas/Water Shut-Off Wrench Water Shut-Off Key Gas/Water Shut-Off Tool
Gas/Water Shut-Off Wrench
Our Price: $16.95
Water Shut-Off Key
Our Price: $17.99
Gas/Water Shut-Off Tool
Our Price: $18.95
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