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Triage Equipment: Tags, Tape & More

Emergency scenes with many injured victims can quickly become chaotic, yet identifying patients most in need of care is critical. Our full range of triage equipment helps you classify injuries so that additional responders can spot priority cases at a glance.

Triage tape in bright, known colors is the simplest way to convey urgency. Non-adhesive tapes tie easily around a patient's arm or leg or or if you need something sticky, use our color-coded DUCtape. In addition to plain red, yellow, green and black tape, we have rolls with corresponding writing to communicate immediate, delayed, minor and deceased situations. There's also tape for designating staging, triage and information areas.

After locating a patient, responders need additional information that disaster triage tags provide. Similarly color-coded for priority, tags allow triage workers to indicate the patient's condition, including vital signs, injury details and contamination status. The tag numbering and barcodes aid record keeping, while string ties allow easy patient attachment and handy wristbands on pediatric triage tags help keep young ones' identification in place.

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Triage Tag - Each Triage Tape - Black & White Striped Memo Triage Tag - Each
Triage Tag - Each
Our Price: $0.69
Triage Tape - Black & White Striped
Our Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.50
Memo Triage Tag - Each
Our Price: $1.69
45795 22336BW 45794
Triage Tape - Black Triage Tape - Green Triage Tape - Red
Triage Tape - Black
Our Price: $1.99
Triage Tape - Green
Our Price: $1.99
Triage Tape - Red
Our Price: $1.99
22336BK 22336G 22336R
Triage Tape - Yellow Triage Tape Holder with Carabiner Triage Tape - Red - Immediate
Triage Tape - Yellow
Our Price: $1.99
22336Y 22336S 223371
Triage Tape - Green - Minor Triage Tape - Yellow - Delayed Triage Tape - Black - Deceased
223372 223373 223374
Triage Tape Set with Tape Holder Utility Duct Tape - Black Utility Duct Tape - Green
Triage Tape Set with Tape Holder
Our Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $9.50
223362 22365BK 22365G
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