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Mass Casualty Incident & Emergency Triage

We have seen it on the news; earthquakes and tornadoes and the damage they can cause. When these unexpected events occur, casualties and injuries are inevitable. You can be prepared to maintain organization during a mass casualty incident with emergency triage products. Items like disaster triage tags allow you to prioritize patients by their injury type, helping save as many lives as possible. In the midst of a mass casualty incident, triage tags allow you to take the first step toward regaining control of the situation.

Our emergency triage tags provide you with front and back body diagrams, and you will likely be surprised by their ease of use. Not to mention, we offer a number of other products that many overlook as they prepare for a mass casualty event. You won't be able to maintain a triage location without pens and notepads. Our triage kits, tarps, flag kits, and Rite in the Rain paper will keep you going in the harshest weather conditions. We even offer clipboards and triage tape, making it simple to prepare. All of our products are conveniently available for purchase online, making it easier than ever to stay safe.

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Triage Tag - Each Railroad Chalk Note Pad - 5" x 8"
Triage Tag - Each
Our Price: $0.69
Railroad Chalk
Our Price: $0.69
Note Pad - 5" x 8"
Our Price: $0.88
45795 20849 12122
Pencil Sharpener Spiral Pad - 8" x 11" Lumber Marking Crayon - Yellow
Pencil Sharpener
Our Price: $0.95
Spiral Pad - 8" x 11"
Our Price: $0.99
12120A 12121C 20852
Lumber Marking Crayon - Red Lumber Marking Crayon - Blue Lumber Marking Crayon - Black
20853 20854 20855
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