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Be prepared for any emergency at school with the one-day student emergency kit from SOS Products. Includes a food bar, water pouches & more! 1 Day Student Emergency Kit

  • Item # 633
  • 1 Child for 1 Day
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, Light Stick and Wipes

Our Price: $6.50
Sale Price: $5.50
Purchase this 3 day survival kit that is filled with essentials like food bars and water pouches for your students. Student Emergency Kit in Plastic Bag

  • Item # 630
  • 1 Person for 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, Light Stick and Wipes

Our Price: $12.50
Sale Price: $10.50
Emergency Survival Kit BOXED filled with all the supplies you'll need for an emergency. Basic Emergency Survival Kit in Box

  • Item # 108A
  • 1 Person 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket

Our Price: $11.50
Sale Price: $10.98
This student emergency kit is one of a kind and highly recommended to cover your most basic needs in the event of an emergency. Student Emergency Kit in Box

  • Item # 630B
  • 1 Person for 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, Light Stick and Wipes

Our Price: $14.00
Sale Price: $12.00
Emergency Survival Kit BOXED is filled with all the supplies you'll need to be prepared in the case of an emergency. Emergency Survival Kit in Box w/ First Aid

  • Item # 108
  • 1 Person 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, First Aid

Our Price: $13.50
Sale Price: $12.50
Be prepared for any disaster with this 240 emergency refill kit. 240 Emergency REFILL Kit

  • Item # 240REFILL
  • Update supplies for kit # 240
  • Contains: Food, Water, First Aid, Batteries and more

Our Price: $18.98
You can buy this 1 person fanny pack filled with first aid supplies. Perfect for a family in a natural disaster. Also excellent for military use. 1 Person Emergency Survival Kit in Fannypack

  • Item # 110
  • 1 Person 3 Day Kit
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, First Aid and Tissues

Our Price: $20.98
This emergency refill kit is filled with everything you'll need when a disaster strikes. 1805 Deluxe Emergency REFILL Kit

  • Item # 1805REFILL
  • Update supplies for kit # 1805
  • Contains: Food, Water, First Aid, Batteries and more

Our Price: $21.98
This Under the Bed Emergency Kit is great for on the go trips. Containing all the necessary items you'll need in case of an emergency. Under the Bed Emergency Kit

  • Item # 20133
  • Keep under a bed or in a desk drawer
  • Contains: Duffel, Gloves, Flashlight, Lightsticks, Whistle, Prybar

Our Price: $27.98
Sale Price: $25.00

Emergency survival kit

Emergency survival kits

Emergency Preparedness Essentials

An emergency survival kit contains supplies you need to stay healthy and safe. Emergency kits should include non-perishable foods and water. For instance, Emergency kits contain emergency supplies such as meal replacement bars and long-lasting bottles of drinking water. You can keep these items in your car and grab them in an instant if you're stranded. An emergency kit is easy to assemble and can last you for years. Here are some other things to include in your emergency kit.

Portable water container: When you don't have access to bottled water, a portable water container is a good idea. Using paper maps may be difficult, but it is much safer than going without water. A flashlight will be useful when power is lost, too, so choose rechargeable or battery-powered models. A multi-tool: A hand crank radio or other hand tool will come in handy when you're stranded. Having a hand crank radio can also be helpful if you can't find any sources of power.

Bug-out bag: If you don't have the luxury of buying a separate emergency survival bag, you can buy one made specifically for this purpose. This will have all of the supplies you need in a situation ranging from three to seven days. It's best to purchase one that you can easily access. Make sure you prepare your kit well in advance and keep it handy. It will be a great thing to have for evacuating from disasters.

A disaster supplies kit is an essential item that will help you get through the next 72 hours. An emergency survival kit includes everything you need to stay alive, such as food personal hygiene items, water, flashlight, a whistle to signal for help and other survival gear. Whether you're facing a natural disaster or just a natural disaster, a survival kit will be a good way to ensure your safety. Once you've gathered the necessary supplies, all you have to do is pack the emergency survival kit in case of emergencies such as natural disasters.

It's also a good idea to know how to treat an injured person. It's a good idea to learn how to use a tourniquet in an emergency, or learn how to properly dress a wound. You can also purchase medical supplies from SOS Products. If you're worried about keeping your kit organized, you can keep it in your car. If you need to evacuate for work, it's important to carry all of your supplies in a bag to make sure that you can get to work.

A survival kit is an important part of your emergency preparedness for any emergency situation. The contents should depend on the risk but should always include emergency food and first aid supplies. If you live in a flood zone, you should pack items like gumboots and water proof clothing and non perishable food. If you're in an earthquake-prone area, you should also carry flares and survival flares to warn people. A good kit will also include a GPS. In addition to these, it is important to keep a survival manual on hand. An emergency blanket really come in handy in cold environments. In some places, emergency blankets can mean the difference between life and death.

There are different types of emergency survival kits. Depending on the type of emergency, you may need a kit that contains supplies for four people. The first aid kit should contain three or more days' worth of food and water, and it should also include medical equipment. Moreover, a kit that includes a compass and a signal mirror is an excellent idea. You should also have a first aid kit that has enough supplies for up to four people. That wall all family members are taken care of.

A survival kit is an essential part of your emergency preparedness planning. These kits are important because disasters can strike at any time. You may have to leave your home quickly if the situation requires you to evacuate the area. The survival kit can contain basic items that you need to stay alive for several days. The most important aspect of an emergency kit is its accessibility. You can easily take it with you when shopping for essential items. It should be within reach of a disaster.

A survival kit is a must-have for any household. It can be a portable container that contains essential supplies for a short period of time. A kit should also be light enough to carry during an evacuation situation. An emergency survival kit should also be easy to access and carry. This will make it easier for you to evacuate your house. When you're in need of these kits, you'll be able to use them quickly.

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