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Floor Warden Search and Rescue Kits and Gear

If you ever find yourself in a search and rescue situation, it is critical to have immediate supplies on hand. Rescue response gear typically involves a strong backpack with several pockets. You want to carry basic rescue equipment, including ropes and first aid kits, if you happen upon a victim. A flashlight or lantern is essential for emergency preparedness. Search and rescue gear is not complete without bright light. With extremely bright LEDs, this rescue gear is sure to light the way.

Don't forget about your pet's search and rescue equipment. If you live with a furry friend, you can purchase a kit that has supplies for both of you. From a feeding dish to water, your pet will be nourished. There's also a first aid kit for you, along with water and a food bar. SOS Survival Products keeps you and your loved ones covered with life essentials.

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Floor Warden Kit 2 Person Search and Rescue Duffle Bag Search And Rescue Emergency Kit
Floor Warden Kit
Our Price: $29.98
Sale Price: $28.00
2-Person Search and Rescue Kit
Our Price: $109.00
Sale Price: $98.00
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Mobile Disaster Survival System
Mobile Disaster Survival System
Our Price: $750.00
Sale Price: $698.00
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