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Sometimes, survival is all about being heard, and your voice will oftentimes not be loud enough or carry far enough to reach the ears of those who can help you or require the help you can provide. When you have no electricity and need to send a signal a long distance, then an emergency air horn or a safety-sport air horn is exactly what you need. Air horns operate with canisters of compressed air, which can be replaced without having to throw out the entire unit. They’re capable of producing 120 decibels of sound.

At SOS Survival Products, you can choose from several different models of hand held air horns, or you can simply purchase an air horn refill for your existing horn. You can shop on our website 24 hours per day, and we are available by telephone to answer any questions you may have during regular business hours.

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Emergency Survival Horn Signal Horn Air Horn Refill - 8 oz.
Emergency Survival Horn
Our Price: $3.99
Signal Horn
Our Price: $10.98
Air Horn Refill - 8 oz.
Our Price: $16.98
22414 54192 54192LR
Air Horn - 8 oz.
Air Horn - 8 oz.
Our Price: $20.98
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