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If you’re responding to a disaster, it’s inevitable that you’ll come in contact with falling rubble and refuse. In order to ensure your well-being while you’re protecting others, wear a lightweight hard hat to deflect debris. Each of our hard hats meets ANSI and OSHA industrial impact protection standards and features an innovative four-point pin-lock suspension. You can count on the durable, reinforced shell to reliably protect your head from undue harm.

At a disaster site, it’s important for responders to have a visual symbol that signifies their role. We offer a wide variety of waterproof hard hat stickers that can be used to identify your credentials and team. To apply, simply peel off the adhesive back on these vinyl hard hat decals and stick them to your helmets.

SOS Survival Products is your one-stop destination for hard hat accessories. We offer chin straps, reflective strips, cold-weather beanies and much more! Shop now & save!

Hard Hats & Chin Straps Hard Hat Stickers
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Hard Hat Emblem - Rescue Team Hard Hat Emblem - CPR Certified Hard Hat Emblem - Certified First Aid
21450 21450CC 21450CF
Hard Hat Emblem - EMT Hard Hat Emblem - Emergency Response Team Hard Hat Emblem - First Aid Trained
Hard Hat Emblem - EMT
Our Price: $0.99
21450E 21450ERT 21450F
Hard Hat Emblem - Medical Team Elastic Chin Strap CERT Reflective Helmet Rocker
Elastic Chin Strap
Our Price: $2.89
21450M 21453 21448C
Reflective EMT Helmet Rocker Reflective Medical Helmet Rocker Reflective Rescue Helmet Rocker
21448E 21448M 21448R
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