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Infection Protection & Disease Prevention

During times of disaster, disease can spread quickly. Whether the water supplies have become contaminated or conditions allow for pestilence to spread, having infection protection products readily available is more important than ever.

During disaster situations, large groups of people are often displaced and must take shelter in places like businesses, schools, or stadiums. Proper infection control PPE is critical for your employees, especially when working in these crowded conditions. First responders, EMTs, teachers, and community leaders must take the basic steps necessary for infectious disease prevention.

Our vinyl disposable gloves & nitrile exam gloves are inexpensive and extremely effective preventive measures that will protect the public health by aiding in disease prevention. We also stock waterless antiseptic hand cleaner that evaporates completely and kills 99 percent of germs in just 15 minutes. Keeping your hands clean is paramount in the fight against infectious diseases.

Work environments during a disaster scenario can be extremely hazardous to the health and welfare of victims and responders. We offer fluid impervious gowns to avoid exposure of biohazards like blood and other bodily fluids and materials. Air purity is also an important safety factor, and we've even got you covered there, too, with our Ozium Air Sanitizer. We have all the disease prevention products you will need to be prepared.

Disinfectants & Antimicrobials Personal Protective Equipment
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Antiseptic Hand Cleaner - Waterless - 1.5 oz. Impervious Isolation Gown Antiseptic Hand Cleaner - Waterless - 4 oz.
Antiseptic Hand Cleaner - Waterless - 1.5 oz.
Our Price: $1.89
Sale Price: $1.50
Antiseptic Hand Cleaner - Waterless - 4 oz.
Our Price: $2.89
Sale Price: $1.99
46216A 46518 46217
Hand Sanitizer .5 oz. in Case Shoe Covers - 5 Pair Ozium Air Sanitizer
Shoe Covers - 5 Pair
Our Price: $2.49
Ozium Air Sanitizer
Our Price: $2.99
462152 46520A 33365
Coveralls - Large Coveralls - X-Large Absorbent Powder - 4.6 oz. Shaker
Coveralls - Large
Our Price: $2.99
Coveralls - X-Large
Our Price: $2.99
46522 46523 46386
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