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  • First Aid Kits and Cabinets

    Bulk First Aid Supplies

    You never know when you, a member of your household, or someone at your workplace may be injured, but first aid products can ensure that burns, cuts and scrapes are taken care of properly. By purchasing first aid supplies online, you can save a lot of money, especially when compared to purchasing medical supplies individually. At SOS Survival Products, you'll find a variety of economical first aid supplies as well as bulk first aid supplies. We carry everything from small, individual kits that can be carried in your pocket to industrial first aid supplies, perfect for offices with a large number of employees and factories.

    All of our kits come with the basics you'll need to deal with injuries, including bandages in different sizes, gauze pads, fabric strips and alcohol pads. The more robust kits and cabinets ensure that you have everything you'll need and contain a complete set of tools and medical aids, such as cold packs, butterfly closures, antibiotic ointment, burn cream and painkillers.

  • Disaster Trauma Kits

    Emergency Disaster & Trauma Kit

    A disaster preparedness kit is an essential part of ensuring that you are able to deal with unexpected emergencies. With a trauma kit on hand, you can handle injuries and problems that occur at your home, workplace or in the outdoors. Even if medical attention is required, an emergency kit may help prevent injuries from becoming worse. At SOS Survival Products, we have a variety of trauma kits that contain the supplies you need to deal with physical injuries as well as inexpensive refills for these kits.

    Whether you need a disaster kit for a few people or a large number, we have well-organized and well-stocked kits to help you in critical situations. On our site, you'll find emergency disaster kit supplies include things like ice packs, butterfly closures, trauma dressings, bandages, emergency blankets and eye pads. Our kits also include a first aid manual as well as a carrying case to ensure that your supplies are organized, portable and easy to access.

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Acti Finger Splint Acti Finger Splint


Our Price: $1.99
Outside of an SOS Starter First Aid Kit Starter First Aid Kit


Our Price: $2.99
Obstetrical Kit Obstetrical Kit


Our Price: $9.98
Inside of an 81 piece all purpose first aid kit with a zipper case 80 Piece First Aid Kit, Fabric Case

  • Item # 9038F
  • 80 piece first aid essentials
  • Treats pain, swelling, cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Organized for quick access

Our Price: $10.50
Fannypack first aid kit with its components spread out in front of it Campus Fannypack First Aid Kit

  • Item # 90188
  • Perfect playgrounds, field trips, classrooms etc.
  • Contains first aid essentials for school staff

Our Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $16.88
Open first aid kit with cold compresses and bandages made for sports Sports First Aid Kit

  • Item # 90299
  • Great for recreational sports teams
  • Contains: Elastic Bandage, Athletic Tape, Trauma Pad, Moleskin, First Aid Guide and more

Our Price: $21.95
This 15 person trauma refill kit is great for refilling your first aid supplies. Containing ice pack, eye wash, and ointment 15-Person Trauma Kit Refill


Our Price: $22.98
Large First Aid Kit in packaging that shows the different sized bandages and salves inside 312 Piece All Purpose First Aid Kit

  • Item # 90382
  • 312 piece first aid kit
  • Treats pain, swelling, cuts, scrapes, burns and more
  • Organized case for quick access

Our Price: $23.98
Heat Stress Responder Kit Heat Stress Kit


Our Price: $24.98
First Aid Kit - Plastic Case First Aid Kit - Plastic Case


Our Price: $24.99
SOS Survival Products first aid kit in a plastic container contains everything you'll need. From antibiotic ointment to bandages. Be prepared no matter where you are. First Aid Kit 16 Unit - Class A - Plastic


Our Price: $36.99
Sale Price: $25.00
This first aid kit is filled with all the products you could need for an emergency, equipped with gauze, bandages, eye wash and more First Aid Kit 25 - Metal Case


Our Price: $26.99
This EMS holster helps you stay organized with its many pockets. This holster contains many of the tools needed for first responders EMS Horizontal Holster Kit


Our Price: $27.98