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EMT Responder First Aid Kits

Our emergency first responder kits help professionals perform basic first aid through lifesaving efforts in crisis situations. Stocked at different levels to meet varied needs, these EMT kits contain the supplies you'll find most useful in the field.

Our Basic trauma bag is the ideal EMT first aid kit with an assortment of wipes, gauze pads, elastic and adhesive bandages, as well as gloves, a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff and much more. The emergency blanket warms trauma victims, and a CPR mask protects you and the patient during resuscitation. The inclusion of a Berman airway kit helps you keep air flowing to an injured patient's lungs.

Our Deluxe trauma bags are well-stocked EMS kits. In addition to the first-aid supplies already listed, we include a child CPR mask, an adjustable cervical collar, finger and Sam splints, burn-treatment materials, insta glucose, saline solution, additional dressings and more. You'll be fully prepared to help you save lives with this paramedic kit.

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EMT Basic Responder First Aid Kit EMT Deluxe Responder First Aid Kit | Trauma Bag #94212
EMT Basic Responder First Aid Kit
Our Price: $149.97
Sale Price: $139.95
EMT Deluxe Responder First Aid Kit
Our Price: $339.00
Sale Price: $298.00
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