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Bulk D Batteries

The first step in preparing for an emergency is a well-stocked, well-equipped kit of items to aid in a disaster. One can never be too safe when the time strikes. SOS Survival Products understands the need to be cautious and here we offer D batteries in bulk to add to your kit.

A D-type battery is often used for small to medium sized appliances or gadgets. For example, flashlights, air mattress pumps, transistor radios, and many, many other items that may be used following catastrophic events. With top brands like Energizer, Duracell, and Panasonic made available, you can be certain you won’t be settling for inefficient or cheap D batteries. With a long shelf life, they’re excellent for storing for long periods of time, which is exactly what’s required for safety and emergency situations. Our prices are competitive and checkout is simple, fast, and convenient. Shop today!

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D Batteries - 2-Pack Energizer D Alkaline Batteries - 2-Pack Duracell D Alkaline Batteries - 2-Pack
D Batteries - 2-Pack
Our Price: $1.39
54255 54254 54257
D Batteries - 24-Pack Energizer D Alkaline Batteries - 12-Pack
D Batteries - 24-Pack
Our Price: $12.50
54255A 54256A
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