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Emergency Response and Incident Notebooks


In the event of a disaster, CERT teams can find all of the emergency-related documents they need in these pocket-sized, spiral-bound paper notebooks. It’s important that responders log safety notes while in the field, but oftentimes nature’s elements prevent the use of traditional pen and paper. These CERT notebooks feature durable all-weather paper that can be written on in rainy, snowy and windy conditions.


When you go through CERT training, it’s easy to become overloaded with information. The CERT Field Operating Guide condenses the program into a digestible 96-page book that is easy to reference during emergencies. Best of all, our CERT guides can be conveniently stored in a backpack pouch, tactical vest or notebook cover. By investing in our CERT field books, you can avoid getting caught in inclement weather without the tools you need to help others. Order now and provide organized disaster response!

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CERT Field Operating Guide Cordura Notebook Cover for 3" x 5" Notebooks Quick CERT Field Ops Guide
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