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ABD Pads and Gauze Rolls for Sale

Whether you’re an EMT, ICS team member or simply have a first aid kit at your house, some of the most essential items to have stocked in your emergency kit are gauze rolls and abdominal pads. These wound dressing products seal up wounds and prevent them from being exposed to bacteria and other harmful microbes. At SOS, we carry both sterile and non-sterile gauze rolls and pads. The rolls conform to any body contour, and their elastic design secures the wound dressing without slipping.

The ABD pads and gauze for sale are available individually, in 12-packs and 100-packs. We also have varying sized pads. So no matter what kind of wound you or a loved one suffers from, you can help protect and heal the wound with sterile bandages and gauze pads from our store. If you’re unsure about which one you need, contact our experts, who are always happy to answer your questions.

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Abdominal Pads ABD, Sterile 5" x 9" - Each Abdominal Pads ABD, Sterile 8" x 10" - Each Stretch Gauze Roll - 2" x 4.1 Yd. - Each
43530 43535 43555
Stretch Gauze Roll - 3" x 4.1 Yd. - Each Stretch Gauze Roll - 4" x 4.1 Yd. - Each Sterile Conforming Gauze Roll - 2" x 4.1 Yd. - Each
43556 43557 43559
Sterile Conforming Gauze Roll - 3" x 4.1 Yd. - Each Sterile Conforming Gauze Roll - 4" x 4.1 Yd. - Each Petrolatum Dressing - 5" x 9"
43562 43566 462095
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