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Emergency Water Purification and Water Purification Tablets

A human can go for several days without food but water is necessary every day for survival. SOS Survival Products offers several water purifiers to help you stay hydrated if the main water supply is compromised. Try an emergency water purification system that attaches to your faucet. If the community states that the water is not drinkable but still flows into your home, you can use a survival water filter to remove contaminants. You can even filter it and store it in bottles or buckets if disaster relief takes several days.

You can also use water purification tablets. When dropped into water the tablets neutralize any contaminants for safe drinking. Depending on the manufacturer, one or two tablets will clean one quart of water. Follow the directions for survival water purification.

SOS Survival Products urges you to outfit your home with a purification system based on your household's size. You don't want to be without potable water for more than a few hours. In an emergency, remaining hydrated is critical.

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One-Gallon Water Bladder
Our Price: $19.99
34102 34103 340857
Mini Water Filter with Pouch
Our Price: $29.98
Sale Price: $25.00
Water Filter Bottle
Our Price: $39.98
34085 34082 340856
Sawyer All In One Water Filter Kit
3-Way Inline Water Filter
Our Price: $55.98
All-in-One Water Filter
Our Price: $59.98
34080 340832 341021
Sawyer Point Zero 2 Water Purifier
Mini Water Filters Family Multi-Color 4-Pack
Our Price: $100.00
Sale Price: $85.00
Point Zero 2 Water Purifier
Our Price: $159.98
Sale Price: $129.00
340852 341031 34092
4-Liter Water Purifier System
34092B 34090
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