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Critical to any survival scenario is access to clean drinking water plus water storage for what's needed for washing, cleaning, etc. This category contains a complete inventory of items necessary to your ongoing water needs, from a basic plastic canteen to high-tech, viral and biological survival water filtration equipment.

Water filters are also available in small, economically priced portable units capable of purifying water from lakes or rivers of 99.9999% of bacteria and other impurities such as Giardia, salmonella, cholera, cryptosporidium and E. coli. When water filtration equipment isn't available, easily carried water purification tablets are an alternative for killing most microorganisms found in water, making it safer for consumption.

Once your water is purified to safe drinking levels we provide storage canisters ranging from canteens to 55 gallon water barrels. Choose from a variety of canteens or hydration packs for short day treks to weekend trip 5 gallon collapsible water carriers. For extended time in places without purified water a 20, 30 or 55 gallon BPA-free water storage system will provide enough water for larger groups.

Prepackaged Emergency Drinking Water 5 to 55 Gallon Water Storage Barrels & Accessories
Prepackaged Emergency Drinking Water
5 to 55 Gallon Water Storage Barrels & Accessories
Water Purification & Filtration
Water Purification & Filtration
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Drum Cap Seal - Easy On
Our Price: $0.89
Vent Plug
Our Price: $0.98
4.227 oz. serving. 5 year shelf life. US Coast Guard approved. Thick plastic. Fits most water barrels. Must be torn to remove from barrel. Also works as a dust cap for barrels. For sealing vented bung plugs. 3/4" vent plug.
Drinking Cups - 3 oz.
Our Price: $2.49
4.227 oz. servings. 5 year shelf life. US Coast Guard approved. This replacement lid fits snugly and easily on your 5-gallon stackable water containers. 3 oz. cups. 100-pack. Wax lined flat bottom paper cup.
Water Bag - 2 Gallon
Our Price: $4.98
Plastic replacement plug for water barrels. Fits most barrels. Fits all standard 3/4" drum openings or bung plugs. Folds flat when empty. Made of PVC construction. Sealing key closure prevents spilling. Sturdy carrying handle. Water not included.