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EMS Notebook
Our Price: $3.95
Convenient 3" x 5" size. Functional field interview page format makes this notebook standard operating equipment for thousands of officers across the country. Printed on Rite in the Rain All-Weather paper. Miranda rights printed on the back. Contains 50 Field Interview forms. This notebook's 3" x 5" size and durable all-weather paper ensure that your vital stats make it from the scene of the incident to the hospital. Patient vital sign format on each page. Shirt pocket-sized notebook is ideal for the various notes your team will need to record on site. Printed on Rite in the Rain all-weather paper, the Pocket Notebook is completely field durable. 100 pages Universal Patter. 50 sheets.
Wildfire Notebook
Our Price: $3.95
3" x 5" notebook is designed for wildland firefighters. Important fire and safety tips on the back cover. Printed on all-weather paper. 100 pages. Universal pattern. 48-page book contains multiple copies of each of the standard CERT forms. Each page is pre-perforated and printed on Rite in the Rain all-weather paper. The Rite in the Rain ICS notebook contains sets of the ICS unit log, personnel roster assignments, and an activity log making data collecting easy for first responders.
All-Weather Pen
Our Price: $11.50
All-Weather pen writes on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -30 degrees F to 250 degrees F. Flat black metal barrel. Developed in conjunction with CERT trainers and based directly on information from FEMA, this 96-page book has all the reference information needed to be prepared for any emergency response. Fits all 3" x 5" spiral notebooks. Rugged zipper closure with external slots for holding four writing utensils.
CERT All-Weather Kit
Our Price: $44.98
Includes CERT Field Operating Guide, CERT Forms Book, All-Weather pen, and a pencil, in a durable Cordura zippered cover. This kit allows you to have all the tools you need right at your fingertips. Durable enough to throw into your CERT bag along with your other gear.