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First Aid Kits for Disaster Preparedness, Survival & Emergency

Any comprehensive emergency preparedness kit or disaster survival kit should include some type of trauma first aid kit. Whether you're putting together an earthquake preparedness kit for your family or need fully stocked, deluxe first responder kits for use on a fire engine or ambulance, we have the equipment you're looking for.

Our most popular first aid kits are the 68-piece Field Trip Fannypack for use by teachers and play-field supervisors and the 263-piece, 5-Person Trauma First Aid Kit that includes a tough, durable backpack.

Here you'll find the smallest, pocket-sized emergency kits containing essentials like bandages, alcohol pads, band-aids and a first-aid guidebook to complete 50-person trauma kits suitable for any larger scale disaster response.

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Disaster Trauma Kits First Aid Supplies
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Eye Pad - Each
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41373 43530 45757
Medical Tourniquet
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43535 43555 46106
43556 43557 45800
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