10 Person Office Survival REFILL Kit

Refill your emergency kit for 10 people that way you're always prepared for any emergency.

  • Update supplies for kit # 1040
  • Contains: Food, Water, First Aid, Batteries and more
  • 5 year shelf life food and water
Our Price: $149.98

Product Code: 1040RL


Quickly and easily update your Office Emergency Kit before it expires. Our 10-Person Office Support Refill Kit takes the guesswork out of updating your office emergency supplies. This refill kit contains all the necessary replacement items to replenish your 72-hour emergency kit so your employees are safe and your business is able to keep running after a disaster.


10 – Food Bars - 2,400 calories each (5-year shelf life, U.S. Coast Guard Approved)

108 – Water Pouches - 4.227 oz. each (5-year shelf life, U.S. Coast Guard Approved)

50 – Wet Wipes

5 – 12-Hour Green Light Sticks

3 – 30 min. Yellow Light Sticks

4 – 2-Pack “D” Batteries (for flashlights)

1 – 50-Pack Iodine Water Purification Tablets

35 – Alcohol Wipes

35 – Antiseptic Wipes

20 – Antibiotic Ointments

25 – Non-Aspirin 2-Pack

2 – Instant Ice Packs

1 – Eye Wash 4 oz.

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