75 Person Office Survival REFILL Kit

This 75 person office refill kit is perfect to restock your first aid kits so that you can stay prepared.

  • Update supplies for kit # 1075
  • Contains: Food, Water, First Aid, Batteries and more
  • 5 year shelf life food and water
Our Price: $615.98

Product Code: 1075RL


Quickly and easily update your Office Emergency Kit before it expires. Our 75 Person Office Support Refill Kit takes the guesswork out of updating your office emergency supplies. This refill kit contains all the necessary replacement items to replenish your 72-hour emergency kit so your employees are safe and your business is able to keep running after a disaster.


75 – Food Bars - 2,400 calories each (5-year shelf life, U.S. Coast Guard Approved)

492 – Water Pouches - 4.227 oz. each (5-year shelf life, U.S. Coast Guard Approved)

300 – Wet Wipes

30 – 12-Hour Green Light Sticks

10 – 30 min. Yellow Light Sticks

24 – “D” Batteries (for flashlights)

1 – 50-Pack Iodine Water Purification Tablets

35 – Alcohol Wipes

35 – Antiseptic Wipes

20 – Antibiotic Ointments

25 – Non-Aspirin 2-Pack

12 – Antacid Tablets

2 – Instant Ice Packs

1 – Eye Wash 4 oz.

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