Zombie Survival Kit Basics

Zombie Survival Kit Basics has what you need for any disaster.

  • 1 Person for 3 Days
  • Contains: Food, Water, Blanket, First Aid, Lightsticks, Gloves and more.
  • 5 year shelf life food and water
Our Price: $64.99

Product Code: 180Z


Zombie Survival Kit Basics

From earthquakes and floods to power outages and national security disasters, we're here to provide the equipment and information you'll need to get out alive.

Although a zombie apocalypse is unlikely, we pride ourselves in providing gear for all possible scenarios. This zombie survival bag contains the necessary items to sustain one person for two days of survival during an apocalypse or any type of disaster!

Rugged canvas military style messenger bag features sturdy shoulder strap and multiple pockets, making this apocalypse emergency kit comfortable to carry even when fully loaded.

Food & Water (5 year shelf life)
1 food bar - 2400 calorie
6 drinking water pouches - 4.227 oz. each

Lighting Supplies
3 light sticks
1 Bx waterproof matches

Sanitation and Comfort
1 emergency blanket
1 personal toilet paper
3 waste bags
1 pair leather palm gloves
1 rain poncho
1 rescue whistle
1 multi purpose pocket tool
1 multi tool spork
1 duct tape

First Aid Kit
4 non-aspirin
2 antibiotic ointment
2 antiseptic wipes
2 alcohol wipes
1 4x4 gauze pads
1 3x3 gauze pads
5 adhesive bandages
1 first aid guide
2 tongue depressors