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Emergency Kits & Supplies

Emergency kits and supplies come in all forms, from the basic 1-person, 3-day emergency preparedness kit to 3-day, 100-person complete Office Support Systems. Survival gear kits contain a variety of components, including:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Light Sticks
  • Emergency blankets
  • Multi-use survival tools
  • Radio/flashlights
  • Gloves
  • First-aid kits, and more

Smaller kits are packaged in heavy-duty boxes while larger, deluxe kits come with a durable survival backpack and contain a full complement of wilderness survival gear. Smaller kits are configured to provide a 3-day supply of necessary items for 1 to 5 people, depending on the model selected, while larger kits will supply from 10 to 100 individuals.

1-5 Person Kits 10-100 Person Kits Emergency Refill Kits
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Basic Emergency Survival Kit 1-Person Emergency Survival Kit 1-Person Fannypack Emergency Kit With First Aid Supplies
1-Person Fannypack Kit
Our Price: $17.98
Sale Price: $16.50
108A 108 110
2-Person Emergency Survival Kit Refill Under-The-Bed Emergency Kit 1-Person Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit Refill
Under the Bed Kit
Our Price: $23.18
Sale Price: $19.88
240REFILL 20133 1805REFILL
Individual Auto/Emergency Survival Kit 2-Person Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit Refill 2-Person Emergency Survival Kit
Individual Auto/Emergency Survival Kit
Our Price: $25.95
Sale Price: $24.95
2-Person Emergency Survival Kit
Our Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $39.95
180 2405REFILL 240
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