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Large Rolling and Wheeled Duffle Bags

You have important items that you need to transport from one place to another when there is an emergency. The last thing that you need to worry about is whether or not your duffle bag can handle the job. With the sports duffle bags that we provide for you on this page, you won’t have to think about how your bag is faring when you are rushing to the scene of an emergency or heading to the airport for a cross-country trip.

SOS Products features a duffle bag with wheels that is sturdy, strong and resistant to water. You can find a duffle bag on wheels that also has a shoulder strap for the moments when it will be more convenient to carry the bag. We also have a duffle bag with wheels that has zippered pockets so that you don’t have to carry everything in one place. Lastly, we have a large rolling duffle bag that is 42 inches in length that allows you the option of carrying it on your shoulder or rolling it with the telescopic pull-handle.