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Emergency Storage Containers, Bags, and Backpacks

Many disasters are accompanied by floods. To keep your critical items dry, including prescription medications and crucial documents, SOS Survival Products offers a waterproof storage container to keep everything moisture-free. A plastic storage container can even hold essential electronics, including cameras and cellphones, until the water subsides.

Keep all your essential first aid items in medical bags. It may be necessary to share kits with neighbors, especially if a disaster is particularly bad. If you have an overflow of supplies, try adding items to an emergency backpack. With several pockets to divide products neatly, you'll have everything necessary at a moment's notice. An EMT bag is helpful to consolidate all professional health items, from a stethoscope to latex gloves. When people are in need of medical assistance, time is of the essence. All items should be easy to reach.

From fire safety equipment to portable storage containers, SOS Survival Products has all of your core needs ready for the next emergency. Stock up on portable containers that can be stacked neatly when not needed. Fill up a small trauma bag to grab when needed. Be prepared before, during, and after a disaster.

First Aid Bags / Boxes / Holsters Waterproof Pouches & Zip Locks
Fanny Packs & Small Bags Backpacks

Small & Large Everest Backpacks


You’ll feel secure in any survival situation with one of these Everest bags strapped snuggly on your shoulders. Each tactical go bag in our collection is designed to maximize storage space, resist the elements and reduce strain on the wearer. It’s essential for you to keep your supplies from spoiling during exposure to moisture. The innovative water-resistant polyester material is invaluable when you’re stuck in the wilderness and exposed to nature’s fury.


When you browse the SOS Survival Products inventory, you can find both small and large backpacks for tactical use. The convenient front pouches and pockets can be used to store a variety of vital survival supplies. If your shoulders get sore easily, check out our three-way backpacks. In addition to the standard shoulder straps, this bag features carrying handles on the top and on the sides. Order today to conveniently carry your supplies!

Duffel Bags Plastic Buckets & Lids

Large Rolling and Wheeled Duffle Bags

You have important items that you need to transport from one place to another when there is an emergency. The last thing that you need to worry about is whether or not your duffle bag can handle the job. With the sports duffle bags that we provide for you on this page, you won’t have to think about how your bag is faring when you are rushing to the scene of an emergency or heading to the airport for a cross-country trip.

SOS Products features a duffle bag with wheels that is sturdy, strong and resistant to water. You can find a duffle bag on wheels that also has a shoulder strap for the moments when it will be more convenient to carry the bag. We also have a duffle bag with wheels that has zippered pockets so that you don’t have to carry everything in one place. Lastly, we have a large rolling duffle bag that is 42 inches in length that allows you the option of carrying it on your shoulder or rolling it with the telescopic pull-handle.

Plastic Food-Grade Containers


If you need to survive for an extended period of time, it’s vital that you have a dependable food source. Prep for disaster by stocking up on food storage buckets today. Our plastic pails with lids are perfect for storing a plentiful number of non-perishable food items like canned goods, protein bars and Spam. Depending upon your need, you choose from a 5-, 6- or 12-gallon container.


At SOS Survival Products, we offer plastic containers with lids of varying design. There’s a bevy of lid options to choose from including: screw top, Gamma Seal and tear strip. The plastic buckets with lids that feature a screw top mechanism are an effective child safety-lock solution. If you need your container to be airtight or watertight, be sure to invest in a lid that has a gasket. Order today and prepare in advance!

Storage Totes Large Storage

Plastic Storage Totes, Crates & Boxes


Cardboard boxes aren’t reliable in disaster scenarios, as water can seep through and cause irreparable damage to the contents within. When preparing for disaster, you need to ensure that your supplies are safely stored in plastic crates and easy to access. To keep yourself organized, it’s important to possess an adequate number of plastic boxes for food, gear and miscellaneous emergency supplies.


At SOS Survival Products, we offer a variety of versatile containers that can be depended upon in an emergency. If storage volume is your main consideration, our 35-gallon container is the largest in our inventory and will hold almost any heavy item. For a lid with extra strength, check out our black footlocker with wheels. It features heavy-duty galvanized steel latches and a titanium handle. Shop at SOS Survival Products and get the best deals on storage plastic boxes, crates and totes today.

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White Tear-Tab Gasketless Plastic Pail Lid Lid with Gasket Waterproof Wallet
Lid with Gasket
Our Price: $2.99
Waterproof Wallet
Our Price: $2.99
95316 95317 P2257
Waterproof Utility Pouch - 5" x 7 1/4" Waterproof Utility Pouch - 7" x 10" Plastic Zip Bags - 4" x 4" - 100-Pack
P2252 P2251 P2300A
Fannypack - Red Waterproof Utility Pouch - 10" x 14" Plastic Zip Bags - 6" x 6" - 100-Pack
Fannypack - Red
Our Price: $4.50
95114 P2250 P1200A
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