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Earthquake Safety Straps and Damage Mitigation

Earthquakes themselves don't always hurt people, it is furniture that becomes dangerous as it flies and falls around the home. Heavy cabinets, televisions and other items can tip over causing significant injury. SOS Survival Products have earthquake safety items ready for your home. From adhesives to earthquake straps, your home will be as sturdy as possible when the next big one arrives.

Earthquake mitigation typically starts with strapping down furniture. Furniture needs to be securely held to wall studs using straps that are rated for the furniture's weight. Smaller items, such as side tables, may be held with a hook and loop fastener as they aren’t as heavy as a 6- or 7-foot tall cabinet full of DVDs or books.

SOS Survival Products has the right tools to keep your water heater upright during an earthquake. In a large quake, the tank could tip over. So wrap water heater straps around the tank, affixing the straps to wall studs to keep it safe. SOS has all the items you need to secure heavy objects in the home or office.

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