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Emergency Weather Preparedness

SOS Survival Products aims to provide you with high-quality preparedness products for all types of situations. Prepare yourself with the essentials required to combat extreme weather conditions with our selection of emergency weather supplies. These include tools to clean up debris or snow, products to control flooding while staying dry, radios to help you stay on top of the latest emergency weather updates, and heating supplies. Make these emergency weather essentials a part of your regular inventory for the home, the office or your school.

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Rain Gear Weather Radios
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Rain Poncho Rain Poncho - Case of 12 Rain Ponchos - 50-Pack
Rain Poncho
Our Price: $1.00
Rain Ponchos - 50-Pack
Our Price: $40.00
11135 111351 11135A
Rain Poncho Children's Vinyl Rain Poncho Reversible Rain Poncho
Rain Poncho Children's
Our Price: $1.99
Vinyl Rain Poncho
Our Price: $3.98
Reversible Rain Poncho
Our Price: $9.95
11135C 11136 11136A
Bomber Jacket ANSI 3 - Large Bomber Jacket ANSI 3 - XL Bomber Jacket ANSI 3 - 2XL
Bomber Jacket ANSI 3 - XL
Our Price: $49.98
111448L 111448X 1114482X
Rain Coat (Class 3) - Medium Rain Coat (Class 3) - Large Rain Coat (Class 3) - X-Large
Rain Coat (Class 3) - Medium
Our Price: $49.98
Sale Price: $39.98
Rain Coat (Class 3) - Large
Our Price: $49.98
Sale Price: $39.98
Rain Coat (Class 3) - X-Large
Our Price: $49.98
Sale Price: $39.98
111440 111440L 111440X
Rain Coat (Class 3) - 2X-Large Rain Coat (Class 3) - 3X-Large Rain Coat (Class 3) - 4X-Large
Rain Coat (Class 3) - 2X-Large
Our Price: $49.98
Sale Price: $39.98
Rain Coat (Class 3) - 3X-Large
Our Price: $49.98
Sale Price: $39.98
Rain Coat (Class 3) - 4X-Large
Our Price: $49.98
Sale Price: $39.98
111440XX 1114403X 1114404X
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