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High Vis Jackets & Reflective Clothing

Staying visible in an emergency allows you to keep your group together or to be found in a distressed building. High visibility clothing such as reflective vests, can be a variety of colors. Reflective strips will help visibility, possibly saving a life in an emergency.

If you are at work and a fire breaks out, you can put on a high visibility vest to make it easier for colleagues to see you and help people find the way to the nearest exit through fumes and smoke. Your safety vest helps them pinpoint you and the exit. This survival scenario is only one of many that is made easier with hi vis jackets.

Most vests have Velcro closures making it easy to slide on in a hurry. Pockets for radios or cellphones are helpful for medical or disaster leaders. For example, if you have a neighborhood disaster team select a vest that has a printable feature. Add the name of the disaster team and any personal designation to indicate your rank. Our SOS Survival Products help you find and guide people to safety.

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