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Emergency Shelter Supplies | Plastic Sheeting & Popup Privacy Shelter

The emergency shelter supplies section consists of everything you might need in and around an emergency living area including numerous emergency blanket options, pillows, camping cots, plastic sheeting, tents, canopies and more.

For privacy as a changing room or portable toilet area, pick a pop up privacy shelter from the tents & shelters category. These heavy-duty, weatherproof units are easy to put up and take down, offer protection against the elements and feature a large zippered entryway. A clear roof on the metal-framed Stansport model makes it particularly convenient as a privacy shelter. This 3'X3'X6' unit comes complete with stakes and tie-downs and is very affordable.

Blankets / Sleeping Bags / Pillows Cots & Mats

Survival Blankets, Sleeping Bags & Pillows

When it comes to survival preparedness supplies for sleeping, you need gear that is going to shield you from the elements and is made to last. At SOS Survival Products, we carry everything from emergency survival sleeping bags to first-aid thermal blankets to meet your survival needs. Our insulated blankets and sleeping bags come in several selections of material like wool, polyester, fleece and more. This is to provide you with an option suitable for any environment. If you need sleeping gear for a moist, low-temperature climate, we have options made out of Mylar, which significantly reduces heat loss, resists tearing and is ultra-lightweight for easy transportation. And for short-term use, be sure to check out our disposable emergency blankets, bags and pillows.

Survival preparedness doesn’t end with shelter and food. Be sure you have sleeping gear necessary to survive in any environment, disaster or possible condition. Keep yourself, family and friends comfortable and safe during the night hours. Shop today!

Emergency Army Cots for Sale at Affordable Costs

Military cots and mat bedding enable you to quickly prepare for any situation that arises. These easily transportable and sturdy products ensure that you have a bed at any location. With simple assembly, our cots include aluminum support beams that are lightweight and strong enough to last a lifetime. Our survival cots also have multi-purpose capability, making them great for overnight guest use and camping. Shop folding sleeping cots for sale at affordable prices today, and be prepared in any situation.

For those in colder environments, be sure to check out our moisture-resistant portable mattresses, specifically designed to keep you dry and insulated from the freezing air. These can easily be applied atop any of our military-grade survival cots for extra comfort and support. Whether you use them with or without one of our emergency cots, they’ll provide ample warmth and comfort in any emergency situation.

Whether you’re looking for emergency preparedness bedding for home or shelter or simply want durable bedding for unforeseen circumstances, SOS Survival Products has you covered. Search from our great selection of folding cots and mattresses for your makeshift bed. If you need bedding supplies for family and friends, we also offer shelter kits for up to 25 people. Don’t hesitate, prepare today!

Canopies & Accessories Tarps & Accessories

Portable Sun Canopy & Parts

A beautiful day outside can easily be ruined when you have to stand in the sun all day. For those occasions, try an outdoor pop-up canopy from our selection! It’ll provide you with everything you need to enjoy the day without getting too hot.

When you buy a portable car canopy from SOS Survival Products, you’ll be relieved to find how durable and reliable it is. Not only are these canopies reliable when beating the heat, but they’re reliable when facing other extreme weather conditions as well. If you ever find yourself in an emergency or need protection for you or your car, these canopies are ideal. These canopies can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions in order to keep you safe.

In addition to our canopies, we also have a selection of the best canopy parts, so you can buy everything you need to keep your canopy stable and secure. Shop through our instant shade canopy collection today!

Plastic Sheeting Tents & Shelters

Plastic Moisture Barriers for the Home & Car

If you have a broken window in your house or car, you might not be able to fix it in a day. To keep the elements out, you need something strong and reliable that will protect your belongings and prevent water from seeping in. At SOS Survival Products, we sell rolls of clear plastic sheeting that are strong and durable enough to withstand extreme weather temperatures. You can temporarily apply them to your windows or use them for your survival needs, such as patching a tent, creating a shelter or creating a makeshift raincoat.

Made by the trusted brand Poly Cover, these heavy duty clear plastic rolls come in sizes that range from 9’ x 12’ to 20’ x 100’. All are completely waterproof and can provide enough temporary protection to last as long as you need it.

Browse through the different covers to find a temporary cover for broken car window, tent or other emergency needs.

Survival Tents and Shelters

Acting as your temporary home, a pop-up shelter can protect you from things like bad weather, bugs and wildlife. With all of this in mind, it’s important to buy a tent that you know you can count on no matter what. That’s where we come in. With our portable privacy tent collection, you’ll have a variety of folding pop-up tents to choose from in order to make your camping experience a safe and fun one.

We offer different sizes of tents based on how many people will be staying in the tent. We also sell a camping privacy shelter that can be used to offer a sense of privacy in the wilderness. In addition to these products, we also have other tent supplies to provide stability for your tents.

Shop with SOS Survival Products for reliable and durable tents and supplies that will keep you safe no matter what it looks like outside.

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Ball Tie Down - Each Disposable Pillow Cover Tent Stake
Ball Tie Down - Each
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Emergency Blanket Camper's Sewing Kit Blue Poly Tarp - 5' x 7'
Emergency Blanket
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Camper's Sewing Kit
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Blue Poly Tarp - 6' x 8' Disposable Pillow Cover - 5-Pack Plastic Sheeting 2 ML Clear - 9' x 12'
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