SOF Tactical Tourniquet - Black

SOF Tactical Tourniquet Black

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The SOF® Tourniquet Generation 4 (SOF®TT-W) is a true generational upgrade to the most effective windlass tourniquet on the market featuring 4 key upgrades:

  1. TRAC - Tourniquet Retention Assistance Clip
    • The TRAC assists in applications by providing a temporary control point to hold the windlass while engaging the tri-ring, resulting in faster application times and doubling the security of the device in combination with the tri-ring during patient movements. This is especially helpful in one-handed applications and for those who do not have much experience applying tourniquets. The TRAC is an optional accessory for application, and the windlass must still be secured in the tri-ring for proper use.

2. 5.5" Windlass

    • The increase in length eases the process of securing the windlass into the clip and tri-ring, increasing the effectiveness of the dual retention system. It still maintains its distinct conical ends while being machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock and anodized to minimize the product's signature in a tactical environment.

3. Quick-Compression Buckle

    • The Quick-Compression Buckle, added to the tourniquet last year, allows for smoother buckle manipulation due to its rounded edges. This also allows for easier one-handed application and overall faster application time.

4. Reinforced Material

    • Yes, we found a way to make the strongest tourniquet even stronger.

The Gen 4 still maintains its true 1.5" tourniquet strap, providing a wider compression pattern than most standard tourniquets or tourniquets with a 1" constricting band moving through a 1.5" sleeve. The wider compression pattern results in additional arterial compression and increased patient comfort.

Additionally, each tourniquet is shipped with two UV-resistant black rubber bands for mounting to your individual equipment.

The SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 is approved for use by the Department of Defense, approved for use by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and the tourniquet of choice for the American Red Cross. It is used by everyone from elite military operators around the world to the largest police departments in the country to fire and EMS paramedics on the streets to civilians in everyday public places just trying to be prepared.

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