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Emergency Water Storage Barrels

When stocking up in the event of an emergency, people are generally aware of the importance of storing non-perishable food items. However, the body can survive for around three weeks without food. When it comes to water, hydration is critical. We feature a variety of large water containers to best accommodate your storage space. Our water storage barrels are heavy duty to withstand extreme conditions and are BPA-free.

When purchasing an emergency water storage item, such as a 55-gallon water barrel, it is easy to overlook how you will move it if transportation becomes necessary. We've got you covered there, as well. Along with survival water storage containers, we offer a barrel dolly. Our staff believes it is important to be prepared for anything. While many have the "it will never happen to me," mentality, it very well could. We have the supplies to sustain you and your family during a disaster, and emergency water storage is a factor many overlook when stocking up.