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Portable Power Chargers for Emergencies

Worried you won’t be able to contact loved ones during an emergency because your cell battery is dead? Stop worrying and purchase a portable power charger from SOS Products today. We carry a variety of emergency cell phone chargers from top manufacturers Goal Zero and mycharge. These Goal Zero and mycharge portable chargers are small, but are able to charge your cell and other electronics for a number of hours.

The mycharge chargers come in power variations of 2000, 4000, and 6000 amps, each with 9, 18, and 27 hours of charge time respectively. They also use a USB port for charging and are equipped with lithium batteries.

Like the mycharge, the Goal Zero chargers have the ability to charge cell phones, tablets, and other small electronic devices. What’s unique about Goal Zero products is that the packs can be re-supplied using solar power.

Don’t be caught in an emergency situation without a charged cell phone, order your portable charger today from SOS. You’ll be so happy you did!