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Emergency Lights and Lighting

When the lights suddenly go out from a natural disaster, such as a lightning storm or earthquake, it's good to know that you have backup lights ready to go. The best thing is to stock your home with emergency lights, including flashlights and lanterns.

Start with a power failure light in bedrooms and hallways. Acting as a night light under normal circumstances, the rechargeable batteries take over if the electricity goes out. As you pull it from the wall, the strong LED light technology brightens your way. Check on critical home gas and water lines to stay safe in an emergency using the LED light.

Glow sticks are one of the most reliable emergency lighting products. Emergency light sticks store for several years, allowing you to snap them and use their glow whenever necessary. Place several sticks in drawers across the home for easy access when the lights go out. Regardless of the emergency, utilizing chem lights for reliable lighting is critical to keep your whole family safe.

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Cap Light LED 200 Lumen Cap Light LED 200 Lumen


Our Price: $5.98
Sale Price: $3.88
lightning charging cable 3 ft Lightning Charging Cable 3'


Our Price: $7.98
Sale Price: $5.50
micro charging cable 3 ft Micro Charging Cable 3'


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Sale Price: $5.50
type c charging cable 3 ft Type C Charging Cable 3'


Our Price: $7.98
Sale Price: $5.50
BioLite FlexLight Flexible USB Lantern BioLite FlexLight Flexible USB Lantern


Our Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $10.00
Energizer LED Clip Light Energizer LED Clip Light


Our Price: $10.98
lightning charging cable 6 ft Lightning Charging Cable 6'


Our Price: $10.98
LED Worklight 1000 Lumens with Stand LED Worklight 1000 Lumens with Stand


Our Price: $24.98
Sale Price: $12.88
Wireless Charging Pad Wireless Charging Pad


Our Price: $15.98