Emergency Road Flares - 3-Pack

Emergency Road Flares - 3-Pack

  • 3 pack
  • 15 minute road flare
  • Be Seen & Be Safe
  • Red Emergency Flares
Our Price: $10.98

Product Code: 54001A


Flares are the universally understood emergency distress signal alerting oncoming traffic to a life-threatening situation.

  • 15 minute flare
  • 3 flares per pack
  • Flares operate in all environmental conditions – including adverse conditions like fog and snow.
  • No alternative product communicates "emergency" like a flare – you KNOW there is an emergency when you see a flare and caution is required.
  • Because flares self-consume, safety professionals and consumers alike do not need to take extra risk of retrieving item from darkened or dangerous roadway – unlike all alternative signaling products.
  • Flares are "self-contained.” That means you don't need batteries, a separate light source or anything else to make them function. They are designed expressly for emergency situations.

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