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Office Emergency & Survival Kit

Disaster can strike at any time so make sure your office is prepared with an appropriate office emergency kit. Browse our selection below to find the office survival kit that best meets the needs of your workplace. We have office disaster kits that are equipped to care for one person for three days as well as kits for 10, 25, and 100 employees. Kits include essential supplies like food bars, water pouches, alcohol wipes, non-aspirin and more.

In addition to survival supplies, the larger kits also include an office first aid kit, electrical supplies, and search and rescue supplies. Contained within durable containers on wheels, these large disaster kits are easy to access in the event of an emergency. In the end, there’s nothing you won’t be prepared for with these large workplace first aid kits and support systems.

Individual Employee Kits 5 - 100 Person Office Support Kits Refill

Employee Emergency Bags for Sale

Employees should be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to both their workload and their safety. Whether your office is located in an area that’s commonly subject to poor or dangerous weather conditions, your job requires being in dangerous situations, or you simply want to play it smart by having a back-up plan, our simple survival kits are ideal for individuals and employees.

Our grab-and-go survival kits come with everything you need to survive in a dangerous environment. Our basic kits include water and food, and our deluxe kits contain all of that plus ropes, flashlights, blankets and more. Easy to store under your desk or in a locker, you can choose between a heavy-duty backpack, a convenient fanny pack or a simple box.

Shop today for individual survival kits, and recommend them to your coworkers so you can feel comforted knowing that if an emergency ever happens in the workplace, you’ll be covered.

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Five- to 100-Person Emergency Preparedness Kits for Offices

No matter if you’re a boss running a 20-person operation or a corporate building with hundreds of employees, buying bulk emergency supplies in order to prepare for unforeseen circumstances is a wise decision. The unexpected can happen at any moment, especially if you live in a city that’s prone to bad weather, and there’s no better place than SOS Survival Products to buy group emergency supplies for yourself and your coworkers.

Our large survival kits come in sizes to supply five to 100 persons, so whether you have a small office or a large one, you’ll be stocked with the necessary supplies you need to get through an emergency. You’ll find everything you could think of when preparing for an emergency, including food, water, flashlights, first-aid kits and even shovels, with enough supplies to go around your entire office.

Shop with SOS Survival Products to find essential bulk survival supplies and kits so everyone in your office can be prepared for the unexpected.

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Replenish Emergency Supplies

When it's time to restock your emergency supplies, shop SOS Survival Products. We carry a variety of first-aid kit refills intended to equip your emergency kit with the most necessary and valuable emergency supplies. Don't be caught off guard in a disaster situation by finding your emergency supplies are only partially stocked. Our first-aid refill kits range from restocking kits for emergency supplies intended for one person all the way to kits designed to supply up to 50 people with emergency products.

Update expired products and replenish common emergency supplies you're running low on to ensure that, should disaster strike, you always have access to necessities like drinking water, antiseptics, over-the-counter pain medication, emergency lighting, ice packs and food ration bars.

Let SOS Survival Products help you adequately stock your emergency supplies with our selection of refills for first-aid kits and emergency bags today.

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