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Employee Emergency Bags for Sale

Employees should be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to both their workload and their safety. Whether your office is located in an area that’s commonly subject to poor or dangerous weather conditions, your job requires being in dangerous situations, or you simply want to play it smart by having a back-up plan, our simple survival kits are ideal for individuals and employees.

Our grab-and-go survival kits come with everything you need to survive in a dangerous environment. Our basic kits include water and food, and our deluxe kits contain all of that plus ropes, flashlights, blankets and more. Easy to store under your desk or in a locker, you can choose between a heavy-duty backpack, a convenient fanny pack or a simple box.

Shop today for individual survival kits, and recommend them to your coworkers so you can feel comforted knowing that if an emergency ever happens in the workplace, you’ll be covered.